Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sick Days

We have had a lot of sick days in our household.  I started it all with a major sinus infection followed by a double ear infection for Hannah. We were both put on antibiotics and Hannah started to feel better after 48 hours.  I on the other hand was still miserable.  I went back to the doctor after being on antibiotics for 6 days and I was feeling worse than the first day.  I was put on another antibiotic and it finally helped!  A few days after that Scott started to get a sinus infection and was also put on antibiotics......and then a few days after that Hannah had a high fever again and we went back to the doctor to find out she had another double ear infection.   Let's hope the second round of antibiotics will finally kick it to the curb!
Therefore, we have spent a lot of time at home. All of this was during the snow storm, so we didn't have much of a choice anyway.

A little hot cocoa makes everybody feel better.....

A little cleaning also seems to help....

Finally feeling good enough again to eat and being silly.....

Oma sent Hannah a new tea set.....we have made lots of tea to help us get better!

I sure hope that we put all the sickness behind us for a while!

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