Thursday, March 31, 2011

22 Months Old

Dear Hannah,
You will be 22 months old tomorrow.  Just two months short of your second Birthday.  Time has just flown by....even though some days seem like they go on forever :)  You are a very sweet, loving and funny child.  You bring smiles and laughter to our life every day and I cherish every moment I get with you.  Even on the tough days I am so thankful to be able to spend my time with you (I just need to drink a glass of wine on those days. Ha!).
I do feel like we may be entering the "terrible twos".  You have thrown a few more tantrums lately when you don't get what you want.  Thank goodness your tantrums are still very short lived.  So far I never felt like I had to discipline you much, you were always a good listener, but now I feel like I need to be a little stricter with you.  I think this is going to be harder on me than on you :) 
 Don't let this sweet face fool you.....she can throw a nice tantrum!

You love to play with Mr Potatoe Head and you think you are pretty funny.
You really like the mommy and me dance class we go to.  You are starting to learn some of the french ballet terms.  You can do a Plie, Arabesque, Tendu, Saute, Chasse.....then you can also kick and spin around.  It is so cute to watch you copy all of the moves. I am sad that we will miss the recital this summer, because I think you would really like it.  You like to put on your dance costume all the time.....I had to hide it!
We were driving in the car the other day and a  firetruck came up behind us with the sirens on.  I pulled over to let the firetruck pass us and as the truck is passing us you say "oh oh".  It was really funny!  When we leave the playground you always turn around and say "bye bye toys".  I love how you are communicating better and putting more than one word together.
We have discovered that you really like to eat salmon.  I am so happy.  You are still a really good eater (you love to eat), except for vegetables.  You will eat them one day and then spit them out the next.  We all had our first YumYo's experience the other night.  You really enjoyed the frozen yoghurt. 

I think you could play in the car for hours.  Every time we go somewhere you want to play in the car and you always hold up one finger and say "einmal" meaning you want to play in the car one more time.  You really like the garage door opener.

You really enjoy spending time with your daddy.  Here you guys are building a fort and reading some books.

You are a wonderful little girl and I am so proud to be your mom!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Open House On Wednesday

We are hosting an open house at the downtown house that is for sale.  If anyone is interested to see it come on over to check it out on Wednesday 3/30 from 4-6pm.   The address is 402 NW 3rd Street.
The house is 2,603 sq ft, has 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths and a bonus room.  Lots of cool features like interior brick, built-in cabinets, 3 sided fireplace, vaulted ceilings with beams in master bedroom, shower system plus rain shower etc.  Come on over to check it out.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sugar Sweet And Chuck E Cheese

Hannah and I got to participate in a Krispy Kreme tour with the Hip Mamas last week.  It was a fun experience for the kids.  Hannah liked the little "elevator" that the donuts went up and down in during the proofing process (rising).  She also really enjoyed putting sprinkles on her donut, but of course the best part was eating the donut afterwards.  Some of you may think that we go to Krispy Kreme all the time since I posted about it a few weeks ago, but I have only been to Kripsy Kreme twice in my entire life and those two times just happened to be in the last few weeks. 
I didn't get any pictures of the actual tour, because I was busy making sure Hannah didn't get into any trouble:)

I asked Hannah for a bite and she handed me the donut.  I took a bite and accidentally bit down on her finger.  Oops!  Hannah started to scream and you can still see the tears in her eyes in this picture.  She did not want to share with me anymore after that!
Hannah had her first Chuck e cheese experience last night (and so did I).  She really liked Chuck e cheese and followed him around, but when he actually tried to give her high fives she got scared and screamed.  After that she followed him everywhere again.  She enjoyed playing some games and riding some rides.  I would have enjoyed it much more if they would have served beer!

Have a great week.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Lot Of Things To Love

I haven't posted in a while, so I have a lot to catch up on.  I have a lot of things I am loving this Wednesday.

I'm loving the outside of our new downtown house.  I think the shutters make a big difference.

I'm loving the beautiful weather we have had.  Spring is finally here.  We have had lots of playtime outside.  Hannah enjoyed playing with cousin Aiden last week.

The deck needs to be "Swiffered"....

I'm loving that I was finally able to put Hannah's hair into a "ponytail" didn't last very long, but it was still a ponytail!!!!!

I'm loving (most days) that I have a strong-willed child that likes to dress herself.  This is how we left the house this morning.  We let our daughter express herself (or maybe I just pick my battles).
For some reason she started licking things like the wall, oven and toys and say "yucky".....I think she may have learned this from cousin Aiden, because they were doing it together last week and now she keeps doing it.  It is really funny.
I'm loving the website zulily.   They have the cutest clothes, toys, accessories etc for kids and moms.  It is slightly addicting and the first thing I do in the mornings is check the daily deals.  Hannah's easter dress is from zulily.
I'm loving the easter pictures we had taken today.  I cannot wait to get the pictures back.  Hannah loved the bunnies and she wanted to take them home.  She was really funny and wanted the bunnies to sit on her lap the entire time.  She kept patting her lap and say "sit".  These are just a couple of pictures I took during the session.

 Saying bye bye to the bunnies....waving and giving kisses.

Last but not least I'm loving that I finally got Hannah's baby book done.  At least she is not two yet.  I am really happy with the way it turned out.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A WEEKEND WITH MY GIRLS (a guest post by Scott Clubine)

I spent this weekend with the two people who mean the most to me in my life, my wonderful wife Katrin and my beautiful daughter Hannah.  We started the weekend Friday night by going on an official “date night”. We ate some Italian food at Napolis and then all came home and played with Hannah's toys.  On Saturday morning we went for donuts and did a little shopping for my 32nd birthday party which was Sat night. 
                                                              In the Produce Section
My little Helper
After we went shopping for my party, Hannah and I snuck out to do a little shopping of our own.  Hannah and I decided that both “mama” and “Hannah” needed a spring dress.  We went to White House Black Market where we found Katrin the perfect “polka dot” dress for the spring.  We then found Hannah a few dresses at Dillards.  She is such a good girl and picked out her own dresses.
Mama's Dress
Hannahs Dress
 Overall I cannot get over how fast Hannah is growing up.  She is so animated and such a good little girl.  She is very outgoing and very independent.  She is my pride and joy.  Her daddy loves her very very much.
Hannah loves Play Doh
I had a wonderful birthday party with all of our close friends.  Katrin bought me two cakes, an ice cream cake and a Jayhawk cake. We enjoyed the Jayhawk cake as we watched the Kansas Jayhawks thump Texas in the Big XII championship game. 
 Hannah loves when our friends come over as she gets to play with Simon and Anna Beth.  She also gets to spend some time playing with Casey, Kristin, Lisa and Katie. The party was a blast and Hannah stole the show.  She spent the entire night grabbing peoples hands and forcing them to sit down and play with her.  She thought it was a party for her!  
                                                                    Hannah and Simon
                                                                  Hanging with Casey
                                                            Watching Hoops with Matt
Dave Marrs got me a very cool tailgating pack. Katrin got me a smoker and my dad bought some accessories for it.
On Sunday we did our normal Starbucks run and I got myself my own little birthday gift.  I took a sightseeing flight over Northwest Arkansas.  Here are some pictures.
                                                                  Our current house

                                 The house we are building (but probably selling downtown)

                   Our lake lot and dock that we will sometime soon build a lake house on.

                                                            Jenny and Daves house
Crystal Bridges

Overall I want to say how proud I am of my daughter and how happy I am to have such a wonderful family.  I will never forget these times and love to have weekends like this.  It’s the absolute best.