Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Annual Christmas Pictures And Belly Laughs

Once a year I can convince Scott to take some family pictures.  We hardly ever get a picture of all three (actually four) of us, so I look forward to those family pictures. Myra Wike took our pictures a few weeks ago and I am so happy with them.  Hannah was not cooperating very well and did not want her picture taken, but you would never know that by looking at these pictures.....maybe the Skittles had something to do with that :)

I have had so many computer issues lately and I don't have all my pictures uploaded to Shutterfly yet, so I have been really nervous about losing some pictures.  That is another reason why I like to post my favorite pictures on this Blog, they should always be there!

Here are some belly pictures that Myra took (7 1/2 months).  I don't really like to post pictures of just me, but I love having these memories!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Big Sister

Hannah has recently been saying a lot "When I was a little girl....." and she would tell us all kinds of stuff she used to do when she was a little girl.  I always thought it was pretty funny.  Scott finally asked her today "What are you now if you are not a little girl anymore?" and she said "I'm a big sister now".  I could just eat her up. 

The other day she was talking to my tummy and said "Hey brother, what are you doing in there?  Playing with the food?"

I never posted her school pictures, but wanted to make sure I have them some place on here:)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

We have been in the christmas spirit for the last few weeks and have enjoyed some fun holiday activities.  Hannah is really enjoying her advent calendar (she calls is Ventsakinder.....kind of a mixture of German and English) and gets very excited in the morning to open another little present.  We have decorated the house, gone to see Santa, went to Silver Dollar City and watched the Bentonville Christmas parade. 

Hannah is still not a big fan of Santa.  She talks about him all the time, but she won't go near him.  I love to compare pictures from the last 4 years (I can't believe this will be her 4th christmas already).
 First Christmas
Second christmas.  She is sitting on my lap on a green towel and I am hiding off to the side....
Well, I can't get to my third Santa picture right now due to technical difficulties.
Here is this years picture. It took us about 30min to get to this point.  I didn't even think we would get there.....good thing there was nobody waiting in line.
We drove to Branson last week to spend a day at Silver Dollar City and see the lights.  We had a great day riding rides, watching a show and seeing the lights.  I had charged my camera and was ready to go only to find out that I left my memory card in my computer, so iphone pictures is all I have again. 
 Hannah went up on stage with the other kids during Frosty the Snowman.
The beautiful lights
We had so much fun that we ended up buying season tickets to SDC.  I am excited to spend some more time there next year. 
We went to the Bentonville christmas parade with friends last Saturday.  I love to see all the kids together.  It is so fun to see them grow up together.
Hannah really enjoyed helping us decorate for christmas. 
Can you guess who put these ornaments up?
Since we are in the new house it took me a lot longer to get our decorations just takes a while to find a new home for everything.  So, I want to remember how we decorated this year.
 We have been reading lots of christmas stories and Hannah seems to be worried about Santa's back.  Every time we read about Santa delivering all these presents to kids around the world she asks if he is going to have "Rueckenschmerzen" (a backache).  We also talk about the reason we celebrate christmas and this morning I explained to her again that we are celebrating baby Jesus birthday and her first question was "Is he going to have birthday cake?"