Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Belly Update

I haven't updated since week 22, so I thought I would post a few pictures of the growing belly.  I am still not feeling well and I have given up on hope that the nausea will go away.  It is still constant, but I have a few more hours in the day where it is more bearable or I am just so used to it that I don't feel like it is so bad anymore (after 22 weeks of nausea you kind of get used to everything).  I feel like all I do is complain right now.  I need to do a better job at putting things in perspective.  The reason I am not feeling well is truly wonderful and a miracle, there are so many people out there that are suffering from horrible diseases, devastating storms or tragic life events. 

Week 23

Week 24
Week 25
Week 26
Week 28
We have been working on the nursery and I am excited to get it completed soon.  I just want to have it done.  We still don't have a name.  Hannah is really excited about becoming a big sister.  She talks a lot about baby Pickles and Tomato.  She wants to paint his toe nails!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our Life in iphone pictures (Summer to Fall)

What would we do without a smart phone?  I know I would have missed all of the Kodak moments below.  I finally caught up on all my pictures from my camera, but then I realized that I have many fun memories on my iphone.  This will take you from summer to fall.
Hannah is wearing a swimsuit and rain boots and is dancing.  Why not?
Playing with chalk in the driveway.  We have created lots of masterpieces.
Making her own Papa Murphys pizza
Going for a walk with Oma in her undies.....
Hannah's first family portrait.  Her friend Ella Cate from school is part of our family now and Mama is much bigger than Papa (this was before my belly was big). :)
She loves to play with her DocMcStuffins Dr kit and finds new uses for the blood pressure cuff (on her head)
A visit to Bogle park
The circus came to town and we didn't want to miss that.
Feeding goats before the show
Hannah with Simon and Oliver
She really enjoyed the show and did not want to go home afterwards.
We went to Kansas City to visit cousin Bennett and Smith.  Brian took Hannah and Bennett to a rodeo.  Well, Hannah didn't last, because there was fireworks when they introduced the guys and Hannah is all of a sudden afraid of fire (we couldn't even eat at Shoguns, because they have a little fire when they cook).  This started after the firemen visited her school and talked to them about fire safety.....hopefully it is just a phase.
But how cute are they????
 Hannah and I also spent a night at the Embassy Suites and she was so excited (she had been talking about wanting to stay in a hotel again for a long time).  Beforehand she kept talking about wanting to use the phone at the hotel, go swimming, ride the elevator, have breakfast and eat in bed.
So, we got roomservice and ate in bed
Hannah stuffed a dish towel down her shirt and said she had a baby in her tummy.....
Dressing up again
Ready for gymnastics
We had a visit from cousin Bennett and Smith last week.  We took a long walk on the Crystal Bidges trail and the kiddos played with lots of leaves, sticks and rocks and explored the creeks and sculptures.
Yesterday we took Hannah for her first "real" haircut.  She has had a trim several times, but we finally decided to give her hair a little more shape and cut off a few inches.  She did wonderful during the hair cut and is very proud of it now.
I am all caught up and can finally write about real time events again.  We are looking forward to Halloween tomorrow night.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Picture Dump

This is going to be a really random post.  I still have a lot of pictures from this summer that don't have a "home" yet ,so here they are.  Some of these pictures go all the way back to our Germnay trip in June. 

Hannah is wearing my brothers backpack from when he was  little kid.  She really liked to borrow that while we were over there.
Playing dress up with her friends in Germany.  Mini and Hannah.  They acted out a play that went with the dress up.  I am not sure where the story line came from.
Every play involves dancing
Getting ready for a bike ride
Hanging out with friends back in Bentonville.  Watch out world Hannah is driving!
Good thing we took her clothes off.....
Still working on table manners :)
First day of preschool!  This is her third year going to school now!  When did she get so big.
I told you it was going to be random.....I am going from Germany in June to first day of preschool to painting pumpkins......Oh well!
One day after school we decided to go buy some pumpkins and paint them.  Hannah kept loading up more pumpkins in her cart, so we ended up with quite a few we had to decorate.  I was trying to take some pictures of her and she said "Mom, please work". Ha!
That was it for today.