Thursday, January 31, 2013

Moving On Up

I cannot believe that two weeks ago today Angel One came to pick up Evan.  What a roller coaster ride it has been since then. The last few days have also been a whirlwind.  Evan has moved half way down the hall and if you read my previous posts you know that is a big deal.  I can't believe that one week ago he was still intubated and had lines in his legs, neck and an IV.  Today he only has the line in his neck left and the IV is still in, but nothing is going through these lines.  They have weaned him off all of the drips and he gets all of is medication orally or by shot now.  He is still on a blood thinner and two blood pressure medications.  We are still waiting on metabolic test results (and are praying that they are negative even if that means we will never know the cause of his heart failure).  He will have another renal ultrasound and heart echo and his blood pressure has to be stable, but if all of those things come back OK they will send him home as early as next week (but it could also still be a while, it all depends on Evan).  Yes, you read this correctly.....they are prepping him to go HOME.  Last week we still thought we are going to be here for months.  I am not sure how I feel about that right now.  Of course I am ecstatic about the progress he has made, but I am also a nervous wreck just thinking about taking him home.  Are they sure he is healthy enough to go home?  He has had a nurse with him 24/7, how can I take care of him?  How would I know if something was wrong?  I am so used to seeing the monitor and can see his heart rate, pulse ox, breaths per minute and blood pressure.  He gets assessed every hour (I do think I can probably do an assessment now if I had a stethoscope).  I will need to take a nursing crash course and buy all of the equipment and hire a nurse.  They still don't know what caused the heart muscle to get so weak.  They do believe the blood clot caused the kidney damage, but since that has dissolved the blood flow to the kidneys is much better and hopefully the kidneys can recover fully.  We are also still really nervous about his heart function, but his vitals have been good and there is no rush to repeat the echo at this point.  He has not been eating good enough and has lost some weight.  If he doesn't do better over the next few feedings they will have to re-insert a feeding tube.

 I am trying not to get ahead of myself, but I am very nervous about taking home a newborn baby that is not completely healthy.  He will still be on meds and we will have to give him a shot twice a day. The hospital will still provide us with a lot of education (how can we tell if his heart function is getting worse again, how to give a shot, infant CPR and much more), maybe a blood pressure cuff and lots of follow ups.  He is considered stable now and they want to start the process of prepping him and us to go home.  I am praying that he will not take any steps backwards, only forward.  In my mind I was hoping that by the time we get to go home he will be completely healthy and normal, but that is not how it works.

Our lives have been turned upside down over the last few weeks and I know this has made me stronger and hopefully a better person overall, but it has been completely exhausting and stressful.  I hate that I can't have my family of four all together.  I have to always be away from one of my kids and that has been really hard.  I feel guilty when I spend all day at the hospital and worry about Hannah (since I stay home with her I normally spend all my days with her).  I feel guilty if I leave the hospital and worry about Evan.  It is a constant struggle and makes me sick to my stomach.  I know Hannah misses me and I miss her, but she has been a trooper through al of this.  She acts out a little more often, but I do think that is probably normal in our situation.

Thank you again for the continued prayers and positive thoughts.  We still need them.  We are still praying for a full recovery and complete healing.

We got to see his precious face yesterday after all of the tubes were removed from his face

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dear Evan

Dear Evan,

Yesterday was your 2 week birthday.  You have gone through way more in two weeks than most people go through in a lifetime.  I want you to be able to read this one day and know what a miracle baby you are.  You had a rough start to life.  You had meconium aspiration during birth and they had to keep you in the nursery hooked up to oxygen and an IV for the first 12 hours of your life.  It was a very long night of worrying for me.  They had to do two xrays on you to make sure your lungs cleared out.  They wanted to keep you another night in the hospital, but were ready to discharge you the next day.  The next morning you developed jaundice and we had to stay another day and night under the bili light.      Thank God.  The next morning you did not look good.  Your color was awful, you were breathing really heavy, did not want to eat and were really out of it.  They called the NICU doctor to examine you and he took you straight up to the NICU.  At that point I was a big mess.  How could we go from being discharged to the NICU in such a short period of time.  Little did I know what was coming next.  They performed an ECHO on you, which was read by the cardiologists in Little Rock.  They sent the Angel One helicopter right away to come get you.  not even two hours later you and your daddy were on your way to Little Rock.  I completely broke down when I saw the helicopter take off.  At that point that was the hardest thing I have ever had to witness.  Your Oma, Hannah and I packed up the car and started our drive to Little Rock.  On the drive down I heard from Scott and he said that it is not looking good and that he was scared.   I couldn't believe those words.  I was so happy to finally see you and your daddy again that night.  They put you in isolation, because they were unsure of what was causing your heart failure.  You were put on all kinds of medication and tubes and lines were everywhere.   The next morning (Friday) your color was a little better and we all felt a little relief.  Your heart is formed perfectly, but the function was poor.  The muscle was not squeezing hard enough and therefore not pumping blood good enough.  The fear was that it would start to affect other organs, because of not getting enough blood.  Throughout Saturday you were working really hard to breathe and your blood pressure was through the roof and your renal function was declining.  I left the hospital for a little bit that evening, but received a call from Scott shortly after I left.  He was crying and I knew things were really bad.  They did another ECHO and his heart function had gotten really bad.  They needed to intubate him fast to take some stress of the heart (breathings takes up about 20-30% of your hearts work).  We rushed to the hospital and were so so scared.  The team of doctors was preparing for the procedure.  It is high risk to intubate an infant.  Lots of things can go wrong and they had a team ready to put him on ECMO (life support).  It was the longest 45min of my life.  We did not know if you were going to make it.  When the doctor came in and told us that you handled the intubation just fine we knew that your are a fighter.  We were so very proud of you.  At that point the doctor talked to us about next steps.  They were moving you upstairs to the Cardiovascular ICU.  The best case scenario would be that your heart function improves and that the muscle is healing.  He said the next 7-10 days are critical and if it doesn't get better they would have to consider putting you on the transplant list (if you are a candidate).  No infant or parent should ever have to go through this.  It is extremely hard for me to write all of this down and relive this night, but it also feels good to put my emotions down "on paper".  The next morning you looked so peaceful and we knew that intubating was the right decision.  You were not breathing hard anymore and were resting.  Your ECHO the next morning already looked better.  We knew that all of the prayers were working.  You started your miraculous recovery.  The doctors were pleased with your improvements.  We still had no idea what caused all of this.  All of the tests for bacterial or viral infections came back negative.  They tested you for everything and had to take so much blood for labs that you needed a blood transfusion (you have had 3 by now).  There were specialists for everything coming to see you.  Infectious disease doctors, metabolic doctors, geneticists, cardiologists, renal doctors and the list goes on......That Sunday I looked up the meaning of your name and it means "gracious God" and it celtic it means "young warrior".  I knew we picked the right name! We have had lots of ups and downs since then, but overall you have surprised everybody and given every doctor a run for their money.  On Tuesday we finally got some test results an we thought we had an answer to your problems.  You tested positive for the CMV virus, but none of your symptoms matched the virus, so the test was repeated twice and came back negative both times.  They ruled out this virus.  You also tested positive for a very rare metabolic disorder (body can't break down long chain fats).  This test was repeated in more detail and we are still waiting on the results.  There are only two labs in the US that test for this, so they had to send it off and it can take a while.  We have had lots of scares about your kidney function too.  We know there is some damage to the kidneys, but we are hopeful that they can recover.  The kidney function has improved over the last few days.  Your blood pressure is still too high and you are on two medications for that and they are still uncertain what is causing your high blood pressure.  I don't know how many times we have heard now that they are still clueless about your case.   You are still undiagnosed (you were diagnosed with cardio myothophy, but no cause for it).  You have not had any symptoms that match any other case they have seen.  Your are unpredictable and that is what makes you such a miracle baby.   They discovered a big blood in your descending aorta (just one more thing to worry about) and put you on blood thinner to dissolve the clot.  They said it varies greatly on how long it could take to dissolve a clot that size and said it could be months.  The hope was that it would dissolve and not break off (they think little pieces could have already broken off and caused some of the kidney damage).  Yesterday they did another renal ultrasound and the blood clot is almost GONE.  They were able to take you off Heparin (blood thinner), but have to continue giving you an anti clogging shot.  Please continue to surprise everybody sweet Evan.  I do feel like I have been in med school the last 2 weeks, but I am sure I am still getting some of the things wrong that I am writing.  I am doing the best I can to remember everything and put it down on paper.  Your heart function also continued to improve and the last ECHO looked much better.  Good enough that they thought they can extubate you.  This was done last Thursday and they warned us that not every baby takes it well and they may have to re-intubate.  Not you, my little man.  You handled it like a champ.  You were still getting oxygen, but you were doing so well after you were extubated.  They also slowly weaned you off your heart medicine and took it off completely the day before yesterday and your vitals have not changed.  They also took the oxygen off last night and your saturation is still at 100.  I know I am jumping around a lot now, but there is just so much that has been happening it is hard to keep it all in order.  They started you on the feeding tube last week at 5ml per hour (it was going directly into your intestines and not your stomach).  The dietician and metabolic doctor had to crunch numbers for hours to come up with a formula they could feed you.  They can't give you long chain fats until the metabolic test comes back and they had to limit proteins due to your kidney function.  They are able to skim my breast milk and give him some of that along with other things.  They call it the "Evan cocktail".  They had to stop feeds a few times, because your system was not handling it well (and they had to do another xray to make sure there was no blockage) .  They finally found a formula that you tolerated well and you have been doing great on that.  Since your oxygen was low enough they decided to move your tube into your tummy and give you some feeds.  Yesterday we got the great news that they were going to try and bottle feed you for the first time.  I had the honor of doing that and you did great.  You have had an occupational therapist work with you in the last week on your sucking.  You also have a respiratory therapist work with you too (I had no idea all of these things exist).  At two weeks old you have filled up two big binders with your medical records so far.  I am hoping that one day it will just read "undiagnosed.  miracle baby".  The doctors and nurses at ACH have all been fantastic.  We know we are in the best hands possible.  Evan has had lots of visitors from doctors and nurses that treated him before.  They all want to know how he is doing and can't believe he is the same baby.  I am hoping this week we can move up a few more rooms and not be in the second to last room anymore.  You have so many people all over the world pray for you.  Here are my prayers for you right now.  I am praying that your heart and kidney function will continue to improve, I am praying that they can finally get your blood pressure under control.  I am praying that the blood clot will dissolve completely.  I am praying that they can wean you off more medicines.  I am praying that there will be no more issues and that we are on the road to a full recovery.
Evan, you have touched a lot of peoples life by now and you are very loved.  Your mom and dad could not be more proud of you.  We cannot wait until we can take you home.  We love you and your sister more than anything!  This has been a huge test for our family, but it has also made us so much closer and stronger.  The thought of losing you was unbearable and I am so happy that we are here today.  Here is to many more "mascara days". I love that I gets lots of texts and emails hoping for another mascara day.

We love you,
Mom, Dad and Hannah

Your first bottle

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another Mascara Day

I am so happy to report that overall we had another mascara day (I wrote in my last post that I have been putting mascara on in the mornings, because I know it is going to be a good day and I will not have to cry.  It has worked).  The doctors removed some lines from Evan's legs yesterday that either went bad or are not needed anymore.  They also removed his catheter, so it was a big day for him.  We got to hold him for several hours and he was alert for most of that time.  His blood pressure is too high again even though he is still on medicine.  I am really worried about that.  The heart and kidneys have made great improvements and we are praying that they can make a full recovery (he is still on heart and kidney medicine right now).  He is also on Heparin (blood thinner) for the blood clot in his vein.  They are going to do another renal ultrasound tomorrow to check on the kidneys and another heart ECHO, so we have another big day ahead of us.  Today is going to be a day of rest.  I am hoping that we will not see many changes today, a day of no change is a good day when you are in critical care.  I am praying that there will be no more new issues!
Evan also moved rooms yesterday, which is significant.  I wish I did not know this, but they have a system of where they put the sickest kids at the end of the hall and they slowly move up rooms as they get better.  The rooms at the end of the halls are bigger for more equipment and procedures they have to perform.  Evan has been in the last room of the hallway all week, so moving up one room is good news!  Here is another thing I wish I didn't know.  Evan was turned around in his bed when he was first moved to the CVICU.  That is a sign to the nurses that this baby is really sick, because it means they were ready to do an ECMO procedure (putting him on life support).  I am happy to report that he was turned around in is bed this week too.  Last Saturday night (when they intubated him and moved him upstairs) all of the nurses received an email about him pretty much saying that they are getting a really sick baby that they don't know will make it, just so they are prepared and can deal with family members.  I am writing all this down to prove to you how much of a fighter and a miracle baby he is!  He looks like a completely different baby now.  He is just so perfect!

Once again I want to thank everybody that has supported us through this journey.  I have cried many tears of joy this week, because I am just so overwhelmed with the support.  I am hoping one day soon I can thank everybody individually and personally.  This has changed my life forever.  No parent will ever come close to understanding what we are going through unless you have been in a similar situation.  So, I am hoping that one day down the road I can use my experience to help other families in need.

Here is to another mascara day!  This has become my motto now and I really like it.

This was Evan in my arms yesterday

Kristin and Casey brought me this bracelet from our house the other day.  It is from the Color of Hope gala last year.  We have always supported this event and it now has a whole new meaning.  I have worn this bracelet 24/7 now and it has given me more strength and of course HOPE.  

Friday, January 25, 2013

We Got To Hold Evan

Yesterday was another good day, even though we had several ups and downs.  The heart ECHO showed improvement and they were able to extubate Evan successfully.  He was a trooper and handled it just fine (in a lot of cases they have to re-intubate, because the baby is not able to breathe on its own). He as proven over and over that he is a fighter and we couldn't be more proud of him!  He is still on heart medication right now and they will try to wean him off that over the next few days and see how his heart will handle it.  If the heart function continues to stay stable or improves more the heart is no longer the biggest concern for Evan.  His kidney function and the blood clot in his aorta are a bigger concern right now (and his blood pressure went up again a little bit).  The doctors don't see clots in veins very often, it is rare.  They do see them in vessels more commonly.  Nothing about Evan has been "normal" or "fit into a box".  He has given every doctor a run for their money.  The doctor said last night "I have come to learn over the last few days that I can't predict Evan.  He has thrown a lot of curve balls at us."  After I asked another questions he said "We can't get ahead of ourselves.  He is still very fragile and we have to keep in mind that he was trying to die on us Saturday night and look at the improvements he has made since then.  I would like to take credit for it, but Evan is a much better doctor than I am".  When he said out loud what was happening on Saturday night it just made my heart sink again.  All the raw emotions from that night came back and it was just painful.  I know I will never forget that night, but I am praying that the pain from those emotions will get easier and that one day we can look back and look at our miracle baby with pure joy and happiness in our hearts and not have to worry about that night anymore.
The dietician crunched thousands of numbers for several hours yesterday to determine what they can feed him.  Due to the potential metabolic disease (still waiting on test results) and due to the kidney function he can't have certain fats (metabolic reason) and proteins (kidney reason), which limits his feeds quite a bit.  They did come up with a formula last night that they are trying to see how he tolerates it.
I watch the monitors like a hawk when I am sitting next to his bedside.  Every time the alarm goes off or one of the machines beeps my heart starts to beat faster.  I hear alarms in my dreams now and wake up.
Now for the best part of our entire week.  We got to hold Evan last night!  This was the first time I have cried tears of happiness.  It felt so good to hold my sweet little baby.  I did not want to put him back in his bed.  It just felt so right to hold him.  This is where he belongs.  Please pray that Evan will continue to make improvements and that he will continue to surprise the doctors by healing.  He truly is a miracle baby and we are so very proud of him.
He looked so much better after removing the breathing tube and they were able to swaddle him for the first time, which he really likes

I am going to put mascara on this morning, because I feel like it is going to be another good day and I will not cry!  This is what I have been doing and telling myself over the last few days and it has worked.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thank You And An Update

First of all we want to say thank you to everybody that has been praying for our little man.  The support has been amazing and we wouldn't be able to do it without the help from all of you.  I hope that one day we can pay back everybody that has helped us or pay back through another family in need.  I can't imagine not having such an amazing support group. We have had so many people, even people we have never met, offer help and support.......anything from bringing us food to watching Hannah to helping us find an apartment to putting us in touch with people that work at ACH to sending us bible verses/affirmations to praying for him.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We have had a couple of better days and we are so thankful for that.  This has been the longest roller coaster ride of my life.  Every time we go in to see Evan we find out something new that is wrong.  Today we found out that he has a blood clot, which can become a big concern.  His kidneys are also still a concern.  He has had to have a couple blood transfusions, because they have had to take so much blood for testing.  But YES, we have gotten lots of positive news over the last few days and we are clinging on to that.  His blood pressure has dropped tremendously, which was a huge concern.  They were actually able to wean him off all blood pressure medication today and it has stayed down.  This is a huge blessing!  They were also able to turn down his heart medication by a little and his vitals did not change.  He is still intubated, but they were able to reduce the amount of breaths he is getting and he had to do more of the work himself.  He was able to get a little bit of food and now we are waiting for his first big poop.  They were also able to take the bili light off meaning his jaundice is under control.  These are all huge strides and we thank the Lord for that.  I am still so nervous about writing all these things, because of how many ups and downs we have had in the last week.   I am praying that the worst is behind us and that we can go only uphill from here.  Saturday night was the worst night of my life.  We did not know if he was going to make it.  He is a fighter and the power of all your prayers is what got him through that night.  Every time the phone rings right now my heart sinks, because I am worried it is the hospital calling.  We are all very cautiously optimistic.  I wish I could be more positive and more optimistic and encouraged, but deep down I am still so scared of what else could happen.

The doctors still don't know what has caused his heart function to be so poor.  We have heard many times that "we are just baffled" or "we are puzzled" or "he is a mystery".  This makes me very anxious, but as long as he is improving I am fine with that.  He is a very special little boy!!!!!!  He has tested positive for a couple of things.  One was a positive CMV test (rare virus), but after the blood test was repeated it came back negative.  His symptoms did not fit this virus, so they feel pretty confident that it was a false positive.  He also tested positive for a very very rare metabolic disorder.  They are repeating that test as well and we should have the results in a few days.
They are going to do another heart ECHO tomorrow morning and we are all very anxious to see the results.  If his heart function has improved they may try to extubate him.  Tomorrow is a big day for him, so please continue to pray for him.  Last Saturday night after they intubated him they told us that the next 7-10 days are critical and they need to see his heart function improve or otherwise they would need to put him on the transplant list (given that he is a candidate).  I am praying that we will not have to go down that route.  If they are able to extubate him and it is successful we may be able to hold him soon.  Oh, how I am wishing for that.  He belongs in my arms and not in a hospital bed.

We believe that we are in the best hands possible here at ACH.  The doctors and staff have been wonderful and we are thankful that we have such a great hospital only a short helicopter ride away.  Evan has had many visitors from his prior doctors in the NICU downstairs since he has been moved to the CVICU, which has felt very special to us.

My life has changed forever and the world does not look the same to me anymore.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought something like this could happen to us.  This is not how its supposed to be.  We are supposed to be home, tired from not getting enough sleep, letting big sister hold Evan, getting ready for newborn pictures and just enjoying our precious baby boy.  I am so desperately hoping that we will be able to still experience all of that with Evan.  He has to pull through. There is just no other option!

Here is a picture of our sweet little boy before he was moved to the CVICU.  Please continue to pray for healing!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Fear, Sadness, Worry, Panic and LOVE

Many people have told me that I should start journaling my feelings during this difficult time. So, I am going to give it a try and see if it will help me.  I am not able to re-live the entire week, but I am going to just write what comes to my mind.
This has been the most difficult time of my life.  No parent should ever have to go through this.  I still feel like I am in a really bad dream and I am going to wake up and everything is fine.  Sweet baby Evan is one week old today and I can't believe everything we have been through in this week.  I can't believe I am sitting here in Little Rock and my perfect little baby boy is in the Cardiovascular ICU.  I am completely exhausted and depleted.  I am trying to get as much rest as I can, but it is almost impossible to rest when you know that your newborn child is very sick.  Every day is a rollercoaster of emotions.  It feels like for every piece of good news we get at least one piece of bad news.  Evan is a fighter and we have to believe in him, modern medicine and answered prayers.  The support from everybody has been overwhelming and it has been encouraging to us.  We need the prayers and support from everybody.  Evan was moved up to the CVICU on Saturday night after his heart function worsened and they had to intubate him to take some stress of his heart.  It sickens me to see him with all of the tubes, medicines and monitors.  I break down every time I walk into the room.  It is the hardest thing to see your child like that and not being able to hold him or help him.  I just feel helpless and that hurts very bad.  I am his mother and I should be able to hold him, protect him and make him feel better. I feel like I am not doing my job as a mom.  I know he is in good hands here at ACH.  The Doctors and Nurses have been wonderful.  I just wish they could figure out what is wrong with his little heart.  They have been able to rule out infections and viruses, but just don't know what is causing his little heart not to pump strong enough.  His heart is formed correctly, but the function is poor.  He looks so perfect on the outside.  How can he be so sick on the inside?  I am trying to be so strong, positive and optimistic! I know we have to be for him and for us, but it is very hard when you don't know what the outcome is going to be.  I do believe in miracles and we need one right now.  I know there are a lot of people praying for Evan and I am so thankful for that.  If you are reading this, please stop right now and say a little prayer for Evan.  Pray that he is strong enough to fight whatever he has and that the heart can heal on its own.  Pray that his heart function will improve over the next few days.  Pray that we will see small steps forward and no steps backwards.  Thank you!
He is sedated now, but does look peaceful.  It looks like he is resting comfortably.  I just want to hold him and kiss him.  I want to be able to take him and show him his room.  His big sister is so excited to play with him.  She has been doing OK through all of this, but it is extremely hard for us to keep a normal life for her.  She does give us strength and a few smiles here and there.  I don't know what I would do without her right now.  We are also so thankful that my mom, Scott's parents and Scott's sister Allison are down here with us right now.  I don't know what we would do without their support.  We have been able to take shifts and somebody has been with Evan 24/7, which gives me a little peace of mind.  I know we will not be able to keep this up all the time, but for right now it is very important to me.  The thought of him being by himself while he is so sick is unbearable.  I know he needs a lot of rest and needs to sleep, but it feels good knowing that somebody that loves him is sitting by his bedside.  We love him SO much and he needs to stay strong and fight this.  The next 7 days are critical and we need his heart function to improve.  I don't even want to think about what happens if it doesn't.
We want to thank everybody that has said a prayer for everybody and to all of our friends that have checked in with us, come down to visit us and have taken care of Hannah during all of this.
A week ago we thought we would be in the hospital for a few days due to his meconium aspiration during birth.  I thought the night of his birth when we were not able to hold him for the first 9 hours of his life was the longest night of my life.  Little did I know what else the week was going to bring for us.  We thought twice that we were going home.  He was a little jaundiced and we had to stay another night.  This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because we were still in the hospital when his condition worsened.  He was moved from the nursery to the NICU, then airlifted to Little Rock NICU and now moved to the CVICU.  I keep thinking that it can't get any worse and I really really hope that the worst is behind us.  This has been a huge test for us.  Scott has been my rock and I am so proud of him.  I know he is feeling the same way I do, but he has been so strong for me and Hannah.  I love you!  Dear Evan, please know that we love you with all of our being.  You are the sweetest little boy.

Please say another prayer for him right now.  We need him to get better soon!

Here is a picture of the sweet little face you are praying for before he got sick

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Celebrating Christmas

We had such a wonderful time celebrating christmas this year.  It was a little sad to not be with family, but it was also fun to celebrate with just the three (almost four) of us.  I am very thankful for the group of friends we have here in Bentonville and they make it feel like family.

It was so fun to see the christmas spirit through the eyes of a three year old.  This was the first year she really understood what was going on. Hannah really enjoyed her advent calendar.  We talked a lot about the meaning of christmas (she acted out the christmas story with our new Nativity Set all the time).  She warmed up to Santa just a little bit.  We celebrated with friends, saw the lights on the Fayetteville square and built a Gingerbread house.

Christmas Party and White Elephant gift exchange with friends.  We determined this was the eights year we have done this.  It doesn't seem is always one of my favorite nights of the year.  I love the friendships we have with this group and it is so exciting to see all of our kids run around together now.

The kids table

A visit to the Fayetteville square.  The lights are so beautiful!
On Christmas Eve we went to church with Jenny and Dave and then enjoyed a Honey Baked Ham dinner.  The forecast said that we could have a white christmas, so we were all excited about that (it never happened for us in NWA).  We baked cookies for Santa and left out carrots for the reindeer.

On Christmas morning Hannah discovered that Santa ate most of her cookies and he left her a note
He also drank the milk
Santa brought the police car that Hannah had been asking for (it was a little bit of a tease though, because we didn't charge it on time, so she had to wait another 24 hours before being able to drive it)
Another big surprise from Oma and Opa......a really big dollhouse (I need to get better at reading dimensions when ordering online, this happens a lot to me)

Hannah also got a Doc McStuffins outfit, which she had to put on right away
The next day she was finally able to test out the car
She loves to play police now....she will chase you and put you in jail.
All three of us had a great christmas.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Little Man's Nursery

We are ready for you little man.  Maybe if you see this it will entice you to come out faster :).  We are all anxiously awaiting your arrival and this is the room you will be coming home to.  I think it is really calming and since I will probably spend a lot of time in the rocking chair that is a good thing.
The changing table hutch still needs some organizing and some pictures of your sweet face!
I had a lot of fun decorating your room and I hope you will like it too.  I really hope that you will sleep well in your crib since your sister never did :)