Tuesday, July 23, 2013

More Germany Fun

Hannah and Opa became really good buddies while we were in Germany. I know one of the reasons is that he gave her everything she wanted (but that is what grandparents are for).  Every time Opa came home Hannah put her shoes on and was ready to go to the ice cream shop around the corner.
We took Hannah to a big amusement park (Phantasialand).  We used to go here as kids and it was always a blast, but I was a little worried that I remembered it differently.   The place was actually better than I remembered.  Evan stayed home with my mom and we had a great day with just Hannah.

The next night Scott and I went out with my brother and Joerg for a little bit (it was so nice to have Oma and Opa around to watch the kids).  We rode our bikes into the city and met up for a big Schnitzel at Oma Kleinmans.  This place is such a little dive, but it is so good and fun. Do you see the size of that Schnitzel?
On our last weekend there we took the ferry across the river to a fun little area.  We played on the playground, walked around some, had some lunch and ice cream and let the kids play in the river (aka the Cologne beach).
It was a really hot day and Hannah loved playing in the river

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