Thursday, August 28, 2014

Baby Belly Update

Well, the big update is that the belly keeps getting bigger!  We have about 10 weeks left.  I would like to say that it has gone by fast, but it really hasn't:).  I am still nauseous all of the time, which has made this a long pregnancy.  Baby is looking good and healthy though and that is the most important.  It has been fun not finding out the gender, but the bad part is that we have to come up with two names.  We are really struggling with that.  I know we will come to an agreement before baby is born!
Hannah is excited to meet her new sibling.  I do think she will be a little disappointed if it is not a sister:).Evan has no clue what is about to happen.  He just looks at me funny when I tell him that there is a baby in my belly.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Can You Believe It?

This little guy is 19 months old now and soon he will be a big brother.  

He is the busiest kid I have ever met.  He does not sit still and does not like to be confined to the house.  We had to install new locks on our doors, because he would always escape.  He loves to be outside all day long.  He also loves to climb.  I am running out of room to put things "up".  He can get higher and higher and nothing is safe anymore.  He is constantly into everything and you really can't leave him out of your sight.  He is a funny little guy though.  He has the cutest smirk on his face when he knows he is doing something he is not supposed to (which is pretty much all of the time).  He is learning more words every day.
You can always find him standing on something (and apparently naked too)
Evan started Mother's Day Out this week and it has not gone so well.  I had to go get him early on his first day.  He was not a happy camper.  He was pretty tearful for the time he was there.   He does not like to be confined to one room and wants to get out and explore.  Today went a little better, but he still cried a lot.  I am sure he will be fine in a few weeks, but it may take him a little bit to get used to this new routine.
He sure looked cute on his first day
He likes the dance floor just like his sister does (at Scott's cousins wedding), but he does not like to wear shoes!
A rare family photo at the wedding
We are still working on his table manners:)
Evan had a great check up with his nephrologist this morning.  His blood pressure has been stable for the last few months and we are so happy about that.  He is on a healthy dose if high blood pressure meds, but as long as the meds are keeping the blood pressure under control we are in a waiting period.  We will still need to do the kidney function study to determine next steps, but for right now we are just waiting for him to get a little bigger before doing anything.

Hannah Turned FIVE

Well, this happened a few months ago, but I still need to document that our little princess turned five years old.  How is that possible?  She is such a wonderful, sweet and caring little girl.  She loves her brother very much and is very patient with him (at least most times).  She still wants to be a doctor when she grows up.  She loves princesses (especially Elsa), playing outside, swimming and playing "house".  Her imagination and role playing is very good.  She only likes to play it her way though.  We are very proud of the little girl she has become.

On her actual birthday she woke up to flowers (her request), balloons, candles and presents
She got a new bike for her birthday and we were really hoping to take the training wheels off this summer, but all of a sudden she is really scared of riding her bike and getting hurt.  Hopefully this will pass soon.
The highlight of her birthday was the Elsa dress!
Hannah celebrated her birthday at Aspire gymnastics and a Frozen theme (surprise)!
The beautiful and yummy cake made by Mara
Hannah had planned 3 outfit changes for her party.  Her birthday girl shirt for when we got there, her leotard for the gymnastics party and her Elsa dress for when we eat cake:)
We had a little surprise and Cinderella showed up at her party (Queen Elsa didn't get her dress on time)
As soon as the party was over Hannah started planning her next birthday!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Let The Catching Up Begin

I can't believe it's been 2 months since I last hit publish on this blog.  A lot has happened:  Hannah turned 5, Evan is 18 months old, the baby belly keeps growing, we went to Germany for 3 weeks,  Germany won the world cup :) and Hannah has started Kindergarten. I haven't given up on this blog and I am hoping to catch up on everything that happened in the last 2 months.  It is hard to get motivated after such a long break (it is kind of like going to the gym.....the longer you don't go the harder it is to get started again).  The thought of having to go through all of my pictures from the last few months seems overwhelming, so I am going to start with my most recent pictures and happenings and go backwards:)

Hannah started Kindergarten!!!!!!
I still can't believe it.  She is going to year round school and started on August 1st.  She has adjusted really well and there have been no tears!  It is quite the adjustment for all of us and poor Evan seemed lost for the first few days without his sister at home.  He kept running around the house calling her name and looking for her.  
We made Hannah a Schultuete, which is a German tradition for the kids to get on their first day of school to sweeten the day a little.......

The finished product

Ready for the first day

In her classroom
We are very proud of this little girl and how she is handling the transition.  I just wish she would got to bed a little earlier at night.....everybody told us that she will be exhausted the first few weeks of Kindergarten, but Hannah has not slowed down yet!
Evan really wanted to stay in the classroom......he will get his chance soon enough when he starts MDO next week!
A little after school treat for both kids (even though I only got a picture of Evan)

Hannah is excited to become a big sister again.  She really wants a little sister and I think she may be a little disappointed if the baby is a boy:).  She asked me the other day how the baby gets food and I told her that the baby gets everything it needs from me.  She then told me to make sure I chew up my food really good, because the baby in my tummy doesn't have teeth yet and could choke:)