Friday, March 27, 2015

This And That

We have been busy around here enjoying the first signs of Spring.  We are all ready for some nicer weather and warmer temperatures.  We have all been sick quite a bit this winter and we are hoping the sickness will finally go away with the nicer weather.
This is going to be a catch up post and will start with Valentine's Day.  We went to Hannah's school for a valentine's ice cream party

Evan always walks into Hannah's classroom like he owns it.  He sits down at her table and acts like he belongs there.
I hosted a little surprise valentine's party for Hannah and a few of her friends.  Hannah had no idea and was very surprised when some of her friends showed up.
Cupcakes and balloons is all you need!
It was supposed to be only girls, but Evan somehow ended up with the girls
A little photo fun
Hannah also lost her first tooth on February 12th.  She was very excited for the tooth fairy to come.  We left that day for a short trip to Kansas City and stayed at the Great Wolfe Lodge.  Hannah was worried that the tooth fairy would not find her and then she lost her tooth down the sink while she was trying to clean it up.  It was quite traumatic.  Thankfully the tooth fairy still found her.

She has since lost one more tooth.  She has a little lisp when talking now because of the big gap in her teeth.  She also said that she can't bite her nails anymore:)

We had some snow day fun.  We did not own a sled, so we used tote lids to slide down the drainage ditch.  We have now bought a sled.
Getting bundled up to go outside
Can you tell that I have Nora under my jacket (in the Ergo)?
Evan's gloves did not stay on, so he wore mine
Evan enjoyed a cream cheese bagel
I also took Evan on a little date to High Rise.  He loved it.

Hot chocolate is always a favorite.  Hannah and Evan really like to listen to Taylor Swift in the car.  They both sing along to Blank Spaces.  Evan's favorite part is "And you love the game"......he sings the "game" part really loud or a better way to describe it would be he screams "game" really loud.  The kids also like Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and constantly sing "Hot dane"......glad that they don't catch the actual word!  We have dance parties at home quite often and watch the music videos.  Hannah always tries to copy all of the moves they do in the video and its pretty cute.  Shake it off is another favorite around here.
In the meantime this little girl just keeps growing like a weed.  She is the perfect addition to our family.
4 months old already

Hannah had to dress up for career day at school.  She chose a doctor.
Hannah was coloring on some papers in my office the other day that I still needed.  I asked her why she would do that and her answer was "My guess would be to make it look prettier"

Hannah won the Kiwanis Terrific kid award last month.  We are so proud of her!

So, potty training started around here.  Evan was doing so good with it and then sickness hit our house again (the stomach kind) and we took several steps back.  Need to get back on it, because he was doing so good and it would be great to only have one kid in diapers......and those little boy briefs are so cute.
Evan is starting to talk a lot and copies everything Hannah says.  He always says "No way soso (Jose)".  I asked him to put something away the other day and he said "No tanks".  He is quite obsessed with play doh right now.  I am amazed how long he will sit still to play with it.  It does get quite messy, but sometimes that is worth it to get a few minutes of peace and quiet:)
He also has quite the sweet tooth.  he always asks for chocolate (which he calls hokey) for breakfast.  He asked Scott for a peanut butter egg for breakfast yesterday and Scott said that he might be able to have something sweet after his nap.  So, Evan climbed back into bed and said "night night".  Ha!
We did recently find out that Evan's "bad" kidney has shrunk a little.  It never grew much since birth, but so far had stayed the same size and now it shrunk, so that leads the doctor to believe that it does not get much blood flow and probably has not much function.  We will not know for sure until we do a kidney function study, but Evan will have to be sedated for that, so for right now we are going to wait, because his blood pressure has been stable with his medication.  There is also a chance that the kidney will continue to shrink and the body will eventually absorb it.  We don't know what that would do to his blood pressure, but the hope is still that the body would regulate the blood pressure once the "bad" kidney is gone (whether that is by surgery or the body absorbing it)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Progress on the house

The house is coming along nicely.  I am starting to get really excited.  There are still a lot of decisions to be made, which can be a little overwhelming.  I have over 500 pictures saved in my account and lots if ideas in my head, but no real plan.  I am always so nervous about everything looking good together.
Living room looking into kitchen

Living room fire place
Living room looking into hallway to front door

The siding and cedar shake is up on the outside.  The only thing missing is the stone and trim work on the outside.  Then we will have to pick a paint color.
Back of the house

It looks pretty in the snow.  Hopefully this was the last snow picture of the year.
Columns are going in
Drywall is up and walls are textured by now.  Living room.
Living room looking into the kitchen
Rounded staircase
 We made the slide from Hannah's room into the playroom work.....