Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Interior House Progress

I really like coming back to the blog and seeing the progress on the house.  I like having it documented and it is always fun to go back to the previous houses we have built.  This blog has been such a nice way to preserve a lot of memories........I know I would forget half of the things we have done.  I recently printed our fourth blog book and it is a lot of fun to go back and read through old posts.  I started the blog when Hannah was about one year old.  I have not always been the most consistent with it, but I do have all major milestones and events documented.  Hannah loves reading through these books.

Back to today's topic.......There has been a lot of progress on the interior of the house.
Last time I posted about the house we just had drywall finished.  We now have a lot of the trim done and most cabinets are set.
Working on outside trim (the front door is now stained)
I like how the arches are coming along
Entertainment center in living room.....there will eventually be a library ladder added to that (not sure if that is the smartest decision with small kids, but I do think it will look really cool)
Living room trim
Most of the Kitchen cabinets are in.....
Dining room trim....I love the design on the ceiling
Office cabinets
Playroom.....the slide from Hanna's room comes out into the playhouse
Master bedroom and bath
Laundry room......I am pretty excited about all of the storage
The prettiest room in the house......I can already picture a christmas tree up there :)
Built in desks.....this rounded room is in between Hannah and Evan's room, so it will give them a nice space for homework 
Evan's room

Hannah's room
Nora's room.....those boxes will have wallpaper in them
Working on the pool as well.....
Exciting times!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Smiley Face

I cannot get enough of this little smiley face.  

She sure loves to smile and laugh a lot.  

 Nora already turned 5 months old.  Time is flying by even faster the third time around.
Sweet girl is pretty easy going.  She is still not a good sleeper, but we are managing.

She loves to be outside and just absorbs everything.  She loves to watch her older siblings play and do crazy stuff.  We were at the trampoline park earlier today and when Evan was jumping she just started laughing at him.  I do believe her heart rate probably still goes up when she hears Evan coming.....he loves her and tries to be sweet to her, but he is just a little rough around the edges.  He sings to her when she is upset and it is one of the sweetest things.......then two seconds later he tries to sit on her, so you can never leave him alone with her for any period of time.  
Hannah is still smitten with her little sister and takes really good care of her.  

She is ready for the beach in her new swim cap.
I believe that she is teething right now, but nothing has come through yet.
She loves to play with Sophie the Giraffe and other chew toys.  She has become really good at reaching and grabbing her toys.  She rolls from her stomach to her back, but not the other way around yet.  She is really close and wants it so bad.  She "scoots" around a lot when laying on her tummy.  
Please slow down time!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring Is In The Air

We are so excited for some warmer temperatures.  Yesterday was absolutely perfect out (it is raining again today though).  We spend so much time outside when its nice out.  Evan would live outside if we let him.  He is so much happier when he can run around, play in the dirt and pick up sticks.

First sign of Spring......Tulips!  I have to say I am pretty proud of my tulips.  Too bad they are so short lived.
After dinner walks with a little ice cream cone
And then one minute later this is tough being two......don't mind that he is wearing Hannah's Ugg boots

This little lady loves to be outside too.....
Another sign of Spring is taking swing naps......this has become quite an often occurrence.  Evan is trying to give up naps and sometimes he just won't go to sleep in his bed, but he can never resist the swing. 
 Evan 0- Mommy 1
It is actually quite relaxing for me to stand out there and push him while he sleeps in the swing and Nora is taking a snooze in the Ergo.
Swinging is also fun when you are awake
Smiley face.....this will brighten even the rainiest days!

Playing in the car with his helmet on first!
This four wheeler was Hannah's christmas gift, but Evan seems to like it much better!
Walking down to get a crepe for lunch at the Food truck is another favorite Spring activity.  Both of the bigger kids can eat almost an entire crepe by themselves.  He loves watching his crepe being made.
Getting back into shape and participating in some 5k races is another sign of Spring.
These are the official race photos.....almost to the finish line (I finished at 25:08)
The kids participated int he 1/2 mile run....Hannah ran hard
Proud of their medals
Sweet girl

Family photo minus Nora who was sleeping in the stroller, because running a 5k is hard work!