Tuesday, June 23, 2015

1st Grade Here We Come

Hannah had her last day of school last week.  She goes to the non traditional calendar school (which we love), so she only has 6 weeks off for the summer.  We no longer have a Kindergartner......1st grade here we come

She has lost all of her baby face in the last year
This is the face I get most of the time I ask for a picture

Hannah had an awesome year in Kindergarten thanks to her wonderful teacher

They had a Kindergarten celebration last week and Hannah started crying afterwards, because she will miss her friends and her teacher.  Then on her last day of school she was going to come home early with me after her luncheon, but she decided she wanted to stay the rest of the day.  She said she will get to see me all summer:).  Many of the children were sad on the last day of school, which just shows how great of a class and teacher they had.  There were quite a few tears shed from kids, parents and the teacher.  I was more emotional about her last day than her first!

Sweet Kindergarten friends
Last day of school pizza party
Kindergarten celebration

Rare family picture after the Kindergarten celebration
Hannah lost her third tooth during the last week of school.  She was really worried about her loose tooth and wanted me to pull it for her.  So, her teacher sent me a note to see if I can swing by school:).  Thankfully we live across the street, so I went, but the tooth was not quite ready yet......I did not like the experience of pulling on her tooth.  The next day she let her teacher pull it out.
Now we are busy working on our Summer Bucket List.  We have already crossed a few things off the list.  I don't want to stress out and run from place to place, but we do like to plan something fun for every day.

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