Monday, January 25, 2016

A Little Bit of This and That

"A little bit if this and that" is always a great title for a post when you haven't blogged in over a month.  I was doing so good with doing consistent posts and then the holidays came……we had a great Christmas and an uneventful New Years and now January is already coming to an end.  Not sure if I will get around to recapping the rest of the holiday season or not. Blogging is a little bit like exercising……once you take a break it's really hard to get motivated to start again.

This little boy turned 3 years old on January 14th. It is still such an emotional time for me.  I relive every moment that led to him being flown to Little Rock and the days in the CVICU.  I am so thankful he is here with us today!

He loves to help in the kitchen.  Baking cookies or muffins is his favorite.
He is still super busy and all boy.  He likes to climb, build things, throw things and get dirty……even though pink is still his favorite color.
We love to build things with our Fort Magic kit.  The airplane was a lot of fun.
He is also secure enough that he doesn't mind playing dress up with Hannah:)
We surprised him on his birthday with chick fil a lunch for his entire class at preschool
He says so many funny things every day.  I have been trying to write them down, so that I don't forget. Here are some of my favorites:
"I am winning and you are losting"
"I need to warm off"
"Nora cool off"……He says this when she is crying , so I think he means to say "Nora calm down"

We pulled up to Fast Lanes a few weeks ago and I said "Oh its very busy here today" and Evan said "I like busy.  I have a great plan.  How about we stick together"

We were at Little Giggles and there were a few kids building a fort out of foam blocks and they saw Nora coming and were worried she was going to destroy it and said she can't play.  Evan put his arm around Nora and said "That's my baby sister".  I almost had tears in my eyes, because I thought it was so sweet that he was protective over her.

He was drinking water out of a bottle and left some "floaties" in it.  Then he wanted to drink out of it again and I said that bottle is disgusting.  He said "That's ok mama I like disgusting"

Last night he wanted some milk, but we were out.  I realized that I had some heavy whipping cream and told him that I can try to make some more milk. Ha!  So, I poured a little whipping cream in a cup and diluted it with water.  Evan said "You made more milk mama.  You are so clever." Haha!  He didn't drink much of it.

These three really like to play together.  Nora can be a little challenging, because she wants to be in the middle of it, but also likes to destroy things they are working on.  She can hold her own though.  She will fight back if she feels she is being treated unfairly.  She is a little feisty.

She is so busy all of the time.  She is still a climber and makes me nervous all of the time.  We thought Evan was busy, but she may actually top him.  She is so sweet though.
She is a great eater and definitely our best sleeper.  She has had this lingering ear infection since before Christmas and we can't seem to get rid of it.  She won't take any medication orally… me we have tried everything from putting it in Juice, ice cream, applesauce, smoothies, yoghurt, pudding, chocolate milk, chocolate syrup ect……nothing, she knows and won't even touch it or spit it out.  She is quite stubborn, but look at this sweet face.  We are waiting on our ENT appointment now.
She loves to play in the play kitchen

Hannah has been really busy with after school activities this winter.  She has been doing ice skating lessons twice a week for the last few months, Girls Scouts every other week, horseback riding and gymnastics.  Ice skating is over now, so that will free up some time again.  She is doing good in school, even though she says she doesn't like going.  Getting her out of bed in the morning is always a struggle.  
We were at the store yesterday and she saw some pink hair glitter spray and she said "Hey you know how I am always a pain in the neck to get out of bed in the mornings?  If we have this I would jump out of bed, because I would be excited to put it in my hair".  She almost convinced me. Ha!
Hannah came up with this game she calls "crazy dentist".  This is what it looks like
This pretty much sums up our life for the last month.