Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Favorite Moments

I am sharing some of my favorite moments from our last few weeks today.
Scott and Hannah have started to watch "Master Chef Junior" lately and they came up with the idea to have our own cooking challenge.  So, one Sunday afternoon we decided to have a dessert cooking challenge.  It was Scott and Evan on one team and Hannah and myself on the other (Nora helped wherever she could. Ha).  We all went to the store together to get our three mystery ingredients for the challenge.  After we opened our box we had one hour to come up with a dessert using all three of the ingredients.  Scott's ingredients were orange juice, oats and marshmallow creme.  Our ingredients were Mango, Cocoa Krispies and Peanut Butter filled chocolate chips.  Hannah and I baked chocolate chip cookies and made ice cream sandwiches out of them.  The vanilla ice cream had the cocoa krispies in it and then we made a whipping cream with Mango puree in it.  Scott and Evan made homemade rocky road ice cream that had the marshmallow cream and oats in it and they made an orange whipping cream with that. We had to come up with what we wanted to make with the ingredients first, but then were able to look up a recipe.  Here are the final products.  No real winner was determined, but we had a fun afternoon.

Scott and I went away to Colorado to go skiing for a few days and left the kids with grandma and grandpa.  I get so nervous leaving the kids even though I know they are in great hands.  I was fine once we left and enjoyed the trip and the kids did great!
We stayed in Breckenridge and had a couple of really cold (negative 23 wind chill) days of skiing.  I love to ski and the snow was perfect and the slopes were empty.  It was the perfect little  getaway for us.

This is what was going on at home while we were away……Nora messing with Evan and getting ice cream with grandma and grandpa.

The day after we got back from Colorado we met grandma and grandpa and aunt Allison and Uncle Josh in Eureka Springs for the afternoon.  They had the Mardi Gras parade that day and the kids enjoyed getting some beads and candy.  It was a very spontaneous and fun afternoon trip.

Hannah wanted to make a Valentine's box for school and we decided on making a castle.  Of course Evan wanted to make a castle Valentine's box as well.  So, Evan and I worked on his one morning while Hannah was in school and this is what Nora was doing with her biggest cheese face…….it was worth it to have a few uninterrupted moments with Evan.
Evan's final product
We worked on Hannah's in the afternoon
The morning of Valentine's parties at school
At Hannah's Valentine's party……she was excited I didn't show up in my work out clothes and actually wore a dress

Fun chocolate fondue…..
Just a little Valentine's surprise for our little Loves…..
All three kids enjoy going to horseback riding lessons. Evan got to help get Lady ready last week and then Nora tried to chime in as well…..
Last Friday afternoon we had a bit of excitement going on when a little bird got into our house.  Here is the thing I am slightly terrified of birds.  I am not sure why, but birds really creep me out and I wanted to get that bird out of the house as fast as possible.  Evan was a big helper and came up with lots of plans and great ideas on how to get it back outside.
He really enjoyed sitting on our living room fans and the really high window ledges.
Once he was sitting somewhere he didn't move, so we finally decided to throw balls in his direction to get him to move.  We opened all windows and doors and were just hoping he would make his way out.  Morgan was here and helped me chase the bird, she wasn't afraid like I was.  Even though one time he scared us all when he flew out of the kitchen towards us.  He spent some time on the chandeliers in our dome as well and on the fan in our rounded room upstairs, but finally he found his way out.  This made Evan's day, he thought it was super funny and exciting.
Morgan in action…...

Hannah is a Daisy Girls Scout this year and is so excited to start selling cookies.  It is her first year and she is very motivated :).  So, if you are looking for some Girls Scout cookies Hannah is your girl.  I am making her do the actual selling and she has done really well going to some friends houses and calling family.
Ready with her clipboard!

I also wanted to document a few of my favorite Evan quotes.

He was in the pantry on the other day and said "Look Mom what I found.  It is one dead raisin"

Hannah is out of school this week and we wanted to do something fun yesterday.  I gave the kids the option of going to High Rise to jump or Fast Lanes to play some games.  Hannah and Evan couldn't agree and were arguing over where to go.  We were already in the car and drove by a an empty field that has a lot of election/campaign signs in it and Evan said "Those signs are telling us to go to Fast Lanes".  Hannah still didn't agree to go there.  Then Scott said that we would go to the Mall and look for a coat for him instead. Hannah heard coke and said she would like a coke (hahaha) and then Evan responded "OK Hannah you get one coke and we will go to Fast Lanes".  Pretty smart negotiating by a three year old.

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