Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Life Lately

We have been enjoying a lot of sunshine lately.  Hello summer!  The weather went from chilly and raining to HOT overnight. We have enjoyed a lot of swimming, park time and outside play time.

First I am going to start with Hannah's 7th birthday.  My baby is 7 and is becoming such a sweet little lady with the right amount of sass (sometimes a little too much).
This is her birthday table.  I always had a birthday table growing up, so we started this tradition with our kids.  Hannah loves it.  We let her open a few gifts before school and then the rest after dinner.  She wanted to wait until after dinner, because she had horseback riding in the afternoon and she didn't want to be rushed.
Here she is with her new witch broom, witch cape and spell book……you get the theme here!
Evan, Nora and myself met Hannah for lunch at school, which is always an adventure.  Nora loves to go from table to table and just say hi to all of the kids.
We left for horseback riding that afternoon and realized that Evan didn't have shoes when we got there. The barn is not exactly a good place without shoes, so he wore Hannah's.
I know this is over a month old, but I just came across this picture of Evan's Mother's Day letter from school.  Still makes me laugh every time.  
He was playing on a toy phone the other day and told me that he just got a text from a ghost.  Sweet memories.
Evan loves to spike his her now.  He calls it his fancy hair.
Say cheese
Not sure if we can call Nora's hair "fancy hair" too :)
Reading a book.  I love her cheese face.
Hannah was helping her read a book.
Well, then it was time to celibate Hannah's birthday.  She wanted to have a sleepover party at a hotel.  Easy peasy!
I told her she can invite 5 friends.  She tried to talk me into inviting 7 friends since she turned 7, but that didn't work.  We booked a room at the Embassy Suites and had a great time.  We went swimming, ate pizza and ice cream sundaes, painted nails and did make-up, made popcorn and watched a movie and finally went to sleep after midnight.  All the girls had a great time and Hannah absolutely loved it.  I got all of the girls robes with their names on it.  It was a big hit.

This was the first quiet moment when they were all eating ice cream.  Evan and Nora got to hang out for the swimming and eating part and then Scott took them home.
She sat in the corner to eat her ice cream
Oh I forgot we opened presents too
Then it was robe and make up time
Some of the make up may have gotten a little bit out of control.  Good thing I packed make up remover.
Then we rode the elevator to the top floor and quietly walked a few laps….
Then we jumped on the bed not so quietly right before going to bed.  All of them slept in their new robes.
Scott showed up bright and early again with the two little ones, because Nora got up at 5:30am.  It didn't take them long to wake up all of the girls.
Hannah was quite tired the next day and it took us almost all week to recover from that, but it was worth it.  She already told me that she wants to do the same thing again for her birthday next year.

Scott and I ran a 10k last Saturday.  Both of us were really happy with our results.  Scott has not ran since February, so it is quite impressive that he ran it in 52minutes.  I ran it in 46 minutes.
These two thought they were the winners

Hannah had another sleepover Saturday.  Evan and Nora enjoyed some ice cream while their sister was away.  I love a good ice cream face…..you can see the progression here.
Hannah got to enjoy some ice cream as well…..
We won a few "gifts of time" during Hannah's school auction and it was finally time for Hannah to enjoy those.  She got to have ice cream with her teacher and a friend and also chick fil a lunch with her Kindergarten teacher and a friend.  I didn't get a picture of the ice cream date, but here they are with their Kindergarten teacher at chick fil a.
I love these gifts of time.  What wonderful memories for the kids.  Hannah also got to be Principal for the day and that was just the icing on the cake.  She loved being in charge.  When I asked what her favorite part of that day was she said that she got to have cookie cake followed by carrying the walkie talkies and sitting in the rolling chair