Monday, September 18, 2017

Weekend Recap- Camping Edition

We had a wonderful busy weekend.  
Friday morning I attended Hannah's Bash at school, because she won an award.  She won the Literary Luminary award.  Hannah really enjoys reading now.  She struggled a little bit early on with reading and then it finally clicked and she has been an awesome reader.  

Friday night Scott and I went to the Cobblestone Harvest Party.  Scott has been on the Board for the Cobblestone Project and this is their big annual fundraiser.  The Cobblestone Project Farm is a local non for profit that grows produce and donates it to local food banks. 
We had a few tables at the event, so Scott rented a bus to drive us out to the Morter Barn venue.  The barn is beautiful and was a perfect venue  for the Harvest Party.

Here are a few pictures of the ladies

And the entire crew

A lot of the ingredients for the meal came from the farm (potatoes, arugula, peppers, onions, squash, radishes, mint ect).

The drinks and music was good, so everybody had a fun evening.

The next morning we headed to Evan's soccer game and then got ready for a family camping trip with Hannah's Girls Scout troop.  This was our first night in a tent with the kids.

We had a great afternoon playing in the creek, running around and playing soccer, doing a scavenger hunt, exploring some caves, going for a little hike, building a solar oven, roasting hot dogs and s'mores.

By the end of the evening Scott and Evan decided to head home, but the girls and I stayed and spent the night in the tent. Hannah had so much fun with her friends and they stayed up late playing card games.

Both girls slept pretty good in the tent.  I woke up a lot, but overall I did get some sleep.
We made breakfast the next morning and then started to pack up before the rain hit.  Scott brought me a Starbucks to the campsite, which was a welcomed surprise.
 We did feel the effects of a long and fun and exhausting day on Sunday and everybody was in bed early.
I think our family might be ready for a few camping adventures.

Last week we had a couple of sick days in our house.  Scott was traveling, so I set up pallets on the floor for the kids to sleep on in my room.

Evan had the stomach bug one night and the next day Hannah had a stomach ache, so I kept her home from school just in case (thankfully she never got the bug, just a stomach ache).  Evan told Hannah "I am still beating you at throwing up.  I am winning".  Everything is a competition at our house, even the throwing up.

This little firecracker makes us laugh all of the time.

We were still able to enjoy some swimming days last week.  We should be able to squeeze in a few more swims and hopefully a boat ride before temperatures cool down too much.

Evan and Nora still like to play "beer pong".  We still have the table set up in our driveway and we just bounce ping pong balls into empty cups.  Last week Evan wanted to add water to the cups to play the game.  Nora said "I need to drink all the beer too".

Monday, September 11, 2017

This and That

This will be a short and sweet update with a little bit of this and that.  We have finally settled into our back to school and activities routine.  We are staying busy between softball and Girls Scouts for Hannah, soccer for Evan and gymnastics for all three.
We are also trying to soak up every last bit of summer.  I do enjoy Fall, but I am not looking forward to winter.  I do not like to be cold and my kids do not like to wear a lot of clothes or shoes for that matter and they do much better when they can just run around outside.  For now we have beautiful weather and are soaking it up.

A little Kona Ice at First Friday a few weeks ago
We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and did a lot of swimming, went for a boat ride and hung out with friends.
The kids wanted to sun bathe and had a picnic after church......
I took the kids to the Neighborhood Market to get a few things and Evan grabbed a big pack of Hot Dogs.  Hannah walked over to tell him we can't have those and while she was there she saw a package that said Wieners on it and read it out loud.  Evan just kept repeating Wieners, Wieners and was cracking himself up.  Then Nora started jumping up and down and chanting Wieners.  There was an older lady in the aisle watching all of this and she told me that we should have our own TV show.  Haha!

That same morning at the Farmers Market they had a little spinning wheel and depending on the number you landed on you had to answer a question about your family.  Nora's question was how many siblings she has and she got it right and won a sucker.  Evan's question was what do you like most about your mom and he just stood there and didn't answer.  He finally said that she is nice.  As soon as we walked away he said "What if I would have said she wipes my butt?" and started cracking himself up again.  I am glad he did not give that answer.

Hannah has been practicing her French braid on me.  

A little after school picnic in the driveway

Hannah had school pictures last week and she wanted her hair straightened.  She looks so grown up with her straight hair.
It was perfect ice cream weather 

And while we were eating ice cream and enjoying the sun the city was working on this......
putting up Christmas lights.  What??????

After eating some ice cream we went for a little swim, but Hannah didn't want to get her straightened hair wet, so she found a shower cap.
Then a few minutes later she changed her mind and went all in.  Nora found the shower cap and put it on.
And her bathing suit was on backwards, but she wouldn't let me help her

Nora and Evan were fighting over a scooter yesterday.  Nora wanted to ride it, but Evan had it, so she just started stomping her feet and saying "It's mine,  I got it for my birthday".  We have no idea where she got that from.  That scooter was definitely not a birthday present.

Evan finally had his first soccer game last weekend.  He has been so excited to play.  He has asked us to bring a piece of paper and a pen to keep score (since they don't keep score at his age).  Hannah took her job pretty serious and made a score board
She kept track of the teams scores, Evan's goals, out of bounces and "hurts".
He looked so cute in his uniform and played great.   He scored 9 goals.  He is really into soccer right now.

Scott and I went to the Razorbacks game on Saturday afternoon.  We haven't been in several years, so it was fun to get out and go. 
The Hogs lost, but it was still a fun afternoon.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Life Lately

It is Friday and everybody around here is excited for the long weekend.  We are still not fully adjusted to the school routine and schedule.  Kids and adults are tired by the end of the day/week.  Evenings always tend to be a little hectic with sports, dinner and getting kids to bed on time.  So, we are looking forward to a few days of no schedules.

Last Friday night we had a Girls Night at the lake house where the guys would be doing their fantasy football draft the next day.  The guys have been renting a house for their draft in the last few years and this was the second year that the girls took the Friday night to hang out together.  The house was a little far out there, but the views sure made up for the drive.
It was so quiet and peaceful out there

We had enough food to last us for a few weeks, but we were only there for a little over 12 hours. Ha!

Playing games and staying up way past our bedtime :)

Early in the morning it was back to reality.  Most of us had to leave early to get back to kids sports activities and work.  I met Scott at the soccer fields and then me and the kids headed out to Branson right after soccer while Scott was going to spend his day drafting his fantasy football team.
Evan is loving soccer so far

The kids are always excited to go to Branson and see grandma and grandpa.
We spent the afternoon at the boat dock playing on the lily pad and going for a nice boat ride.  I love to be out on the lake.  I am already sad that boating season is almost over.  We bought a tube at a garage sale in grandma's neighborhood.  We lost ours last year, so we are excited to try out our new purchase this weekend.

Playing on the lily pad with the kids turned into a little work out.  They tried to tackle me every time I stood up and we played king of the mountain.  So much fun.

We also got to hang out with Allison, Josh and baby Hattie that evening.  Nora loves baby Hattie and would like to treat her like a baby doll, but she is getting a little too big for that.

The next morning we headed out to White Water and Irv and Jeannie met us there after church.  We all really enjoyed White Water.  Evan was tall enough (by half an inch or so) to do most of the water slides.  I was really proud of him for doing some of the bigger ones.  He loved it.  Nora was not so happy that she couldn't go on any of the big ones, but there was still enough to do for her to not get bored.  Hannah rides all the slides, the steeper the better for her.
All sunscreened up and ready to play

Hannah has been going to White Water with grandma for the last few years and they always get a funnel cake to share.  Hannah looks forward to this all year long.

Evan and Nora chose dipping dots instead of funnel cake, but Nora changed her mind quickly ones she had a taste of the funnel cake

After White Water we headed back home.  We had a wonderful weekend enjoying some more summer fun.

Last week we went to play putt putt golf and by the time we were done it got kind of late, so we decided to stop at Atlanta Bread Company for dinner.  It was our lucky day and kids ate free and the had a ballon artist/face painter there.  The kid all chose face paint.

Well, Hannah's was arm paint

I told them that they don't need to shower and can sleep with their face paint on.  Then I got to thinking about taking them to school the next morning with face paint on and wasn't so sure that was appropriate.  So we washed it off the next morning.

I took the two little ones to the Amazeum yesterday morning and Evan wanted to build a tower with these sticks.
The tower is not as tall as him yet

He really wanted to add on another layer to make it taller than him

Well, that wraps up our life lately.