Thursday, March 30, 2017

Life Lately-Spring Break Edition

Spring Break has come and gone already.  I can't believe that the next break will already be summer.  Hannah will be a third grader and Evan will be in his last year of preschool.  Crazy!

Our Spring Break started with a fun little trip to Tulsa for the NCAA tournament.  We got to our hotel and quickly realized it was the hotel where the opposing team (Michigan State) was staying at. Scott was hoping thats not a bad sign :)
We watched all of the players and the coach get out of the elevator.
Hannah was really getting into March Madness and KU basketball this year.  She knows all of the KU players and a bunch of stats about them.  She was nervous for the games and screamed at the TV.  I know Scott must have been very proud and excited.  
Evan really likes to play basketball right now (we have the Little Tikes basketball goal) and he enjoyed going to the game, but didn't get into it as much.  He said afterwards that he liked the first game better.  He still thinks because of half time that its two games.  Haha!
I think Evan was getting a little sleepy
This game ended well and we won't talk about the rest of the tournament, OK.
While they were at the game Nora and I did some shopping and made a stop at Starbucks for a cake pop.
It is always fun to visit a Lulu store.
After the big win we went out for pizza and the restaurant gave the kids some pizza dough to play with.  Oh man I wish every restaurant would do this.  Entertainment for hours:)
They had this huge bracket up at the hotel and then the next morning after Michigan State left they tore it down right away :).  Scott saw somebody else asking for it and they gave it to that guy.  He wishes he would have thought to ask for it.

We are in the middle of potty training and it was going great, but have come across a few hurdles :)
She is such a character 
Here she is wearing Hannah's softball jersey, a diaper cover on her head and Evan's shoes.
Always stylish…..
Fort building with a couple of big boxes!  Why do we keep buying toys for kids???  I think I should de-clutter the playroom and get rid of most of their toys.
We had a really warm day and the kids wanted to go swimming, but the pool is obviously not open yet, so they came up with another solution pretty quickly.  Thankfully we have a hot water spout outside.
We also had crepes at the food truck that day.
The next afternoon we packed up again and headed to Branson to see grandma and grandpa for a few days.
Grandma readin bedtime stories
Branson was very busy for Spring Break.  We checked out the new Fritz's Adventure place and it was really cool, but super busy.  We didn't even get to do the really fun stuff like ropes courses etc.  And Nora is not tall enough to do most of the stuff, but of course she really wants to do it, so it was a little tough.  Still we had a great time.  The next day we headed to Silver Dollar City and it was very crowded as well, so we only stayed for a few hours.
Hannah doesn't want to go on any of the roller coasters, but then she always looks bored on the little kids rides.
I can't believe Nora is now tall enough to ride some rides by herself.  She loves it and was just giggling the entire time.
You can see that Hannah's tummy was tickling here during the "drop"

When we cam home our tulips were blooming.  Always my favorite.  Evan and I planted over 80 bulbs last Fall and most of them came up.  Yeah!
We had one more day of Spring Break after returning and decided to be productive.  Hair cuts for Hannah and Evan!
Here is the crazy smile face again.
This one didn't get a hair cut yet, but still wanted her picture taken

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Keeping Busy

It's been busy around here.  Lots of fun events going on and lots of appointments.  Does it ever slow down?  We are gearing up for Spring break and I think everybody is ready for a little break from the routine.  

We have been saying that this is Nora's world and we all just live in it.  She is kind of the boss and she marches to the beat of her own drum.  
This is Nora on our weekly Sam's Club run.  PJ's and hat check.
And note that she is the only one of our kids eating the salad sample.  She is still by far the best eater and eats anything.

Evan hit his head last week and Nora wanted to get him a band aid.  Scott asked Nora if Evan was bleeding, because otherwise he doesn't need a band aid and she went over to ask Evan if he was bleeding.  When he said no she said "oh please bleeding".  She really wanted to get him a band aid.  

These two were playing "house" and had to change their babies.  Evan always calls Nora his "honey" when they play house.  So funny and cute.

I was helping Evan with a little science project (cleaning pennies with vinegar and salt) and I knew Nora was in the Mudroom, but didn't know what she was doing.  Should have known she was into something since it was pretty quiet.
She pulled out all of our pool stuff, got naked and put her "swim poot" on.  She said she was ready to go swimming.
Absolutely never a dull moment with these two.

It was really windy last week and Evan wanted to fly his kite again, so we went out to the park.  The wind was so strong that he had a hard time holding on to the kite.
Nora wanted to fly it too, but I was afraid she was going to take off with it.  When I didn't let her hold the kite all by herself she didn't want to fly it anymore……instead she did this.

I feel like I don't have many pictures of Hannah anymore, but with her in school most of the day we just don't have that many opportunities anymore (plus she doesn't like it when I take her picture).
This was her lunch the other day and she wanted me to take a picture of her and the food, because I said that I don't think she can eat all of it.  Well, she did!  Must be growing.

Evan had the great idea of painting some more rocks to hide around town.
Very focused on the painting
I didn't tell that it was washable paint, but it was probably a good thing looking at their hands and clothes afterwards

Dr Seuss week at school

Nora and Hannah were wearing matching shirts the other day and when they walked in Evan said "Oh look they look like angels".  The he said "I used to have that shirt when I was little".  haha!

We saw a picture of a marble run online and Evan wanted to build one as well.  We collected some paper towel rolls and worked on building one.  It didn't look pretty and didn't last very long, but it worked.

Monday was Scott's birthday and the kids and I made him a big cookie cake.  It is always an adventure to bake with the two little ones.  Hannah didn't want to bake, she just wanted to help decorate.
And then they played bakery later
The decorating of the cake
Here is the finished cookie cake.  It tasted really good and I finally had to freeze the rest opt it last night, otherwise I would just keep eating little pieces here and there…..
Then it was time for birthday presents.  Evan had been wrapping up "gifts" for Scott for weeks.  He just wrapped up random stuff or toys and said they are daddy's birthday gifts.  He had an entire closet full of gifts and  other random spots were he hid these "gifts".  Scott got some of his own sandals, golf shoes, a neck pillow and a bunch of random toys from the playroom for his birthday.  Evan couldn't wait for Scott to unwrap those gifts.  I am glad his birthday is over now, because Evan would have eventually wrapped up the entire house.

Nora is ready for the NCAA tournament and ready to cheer on the Jayhawks

On Tuesday Evan's teachers told him that they will be building a Leprechaun trap today for St Patrick's day.  Evan was so excited and couldn't wait and built his own.
Here is his Leprechaun trap.  I love his imagination and cleverness!