Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Book Day -The Secret Pizza Party

We did another book day a few weeks ago and it was a big success.  When Momfessionals.com posted "The Secret Pizza Party" book day I knew we had to recreate it......we already owned the book, so I just had to gather up some supplies.  My kids love these book days, they ask to do another one all the time.

We had a rainy day in the forecast, so I planned the activities for that day.
Here is our list of activities for the day.
If you want more details on any of the activities go to momfessionals.com

The kids didn't know I planned a book day, so they came downstairs to this in the morning and were very surprised.

First we read the book and then worked on some activity sheets.

Next up was the pizza craft.  We spent quite a bit of time on this.
We used paper plates and construction paper to decorate the pizza and then brown packing paper for the crust.

The finished product......lots of cheese, meatballs, olives and pepperoni and our toppings

Hannah's pizza

Evan's pizza.....he likes meatballs on his pizza :)

Nora's pizza

Of course we made pizza for lunch and I made some extra dough for the kids to play with while the pizza was baking.
We got some play doh tools out to play with the dough.

They got to put their own toppings on.....

After lunch we worked on the pizza thief......the raccoon

We also added magnets to the back and the raccoons got to hang out on our fridge for a while

We used clothes pin, pages out of an old book, construction paper and googly eyes

Next up we had to create our raccoon masks.  The kids used water colors to color them in.

After the kids were done with their masks we re-created the Wanted poster from the book.......

Hannah wanted to wear all black, so that she looked like a raccoon.  She took one of my tank tops and tied it in the back to look like a dress

Not sure why Evan and Nora are in their underwear at this point.....

We also made a pizza puzzle.  The kids colored a pizza and then we cut it into pieces and they had to put it back together.

We downloaded a few pizza games and they each got a turn to play for a few minutes.

They were also dying to find out what "swimming with pizza" meant......due to the rain they had to wait until the next day.  I ordered one of the pizza slice floats for the pool and they have had lots of fun with that.

It was another successful book day and the kids have already asked me when we can do another one.
Thank you momfessionals.com for all the great ideas.

Monday, July 3, 2017

The Cake

I feel like I should be on some sort of Food Network show after creating the following cake.  Hannah saw this idea on some Food Network show and wanted to re-create it.  It sounded fun, so I agreed.  After spending a small fortune on all of the ingredients we were ready to go.

Of course we couldn't just make one flavor, it had to be chocolate and strawberry.  We did use cake mixes and did not make them from scratch.  At this point I was a little worried on how nice our cake would look.  They always make it look so easy to get a cake all smooth......
After cleaning up the plate it didn't look so bad
Hannah's requirement for the cake was that we use some fondant.  She has wanted to try rolling out fondant for a while......she loves to watch Cake Boss.
Maybe you are starting to see the theme here......
Working on making some candy "grill" pieces
The finished product.  We were quite proud of it!
A grill looking cake
Maybe we are not quite ready for the Food Network yet, but we had fun creating this masterpiece.
One last picture