Friday, August 25, 2017

First Day Of School And This And That

Well, Hannah is wrapping up her second week of school already and Evan and Nora are finishing up their first week of preschool.  I am currently sitting in a quiet house while everybody is at school and while it is nice, I also miss them.  Evan and Nora are going three days a week this year and that extra day is a big change for them and for me.  I can't believe that this will be Evan's last year of preschool before he starts Kindergarten next year.

Of course we took the obligatory first day of school pictures
Little sister had to get in on the picture.....she is the only child that still likes to take pictures.  
And it gets a lot tougher to get everybody to look when there is three.....

A week later it was Evan and Nora's turn.  They both did great at drop off on the first day.  The second and third day were not as easy.  I know they are both fine and will have a great day at school, but it is never easy leaving them when they are crying.
Nora got really sad this morning, but Evan walked right in (even though he kept telling me all morning that he doesn't want to go to school).

I can't get enough of these cheese faces

And now on to a little bit of this and that.

Hannah wanted to make a dessert all by herself.  We had a box of some peanut butter no bake dessert in the pantry (that was already expired. ha), so I let her make that.  We weren't so sure if it would turn out, but the end result actually tasted good:)
I did not help her at all and she had to follow all the instructions by herself.  She got a little confused on some of the measuring cups and spoons:)
She wasn't so sure herself if this would turn out....
While Hannah was making her dessert Nora and I played with her sunglasses

Evan and I finally finished the Lego Big Ben.  This was really fun.  Evan surprisingly has a lot of patience for putting things together.  

We built a living room fort
And had an afternoon snack in the fort
This hair is just the best and like I have said many times, it fits her personality perfectly.  Just a little wild and crazy!

Evan discovered a folded up tailgate beer pong table in the garage.  He knew right away that it was some sort of game and he wanted to play it.  I told him that it's not a game for him, because he can't drink beer yet :).  Well, his answer was "but you can".  Ok son, I will go ahead and teach you how to play beer pong.
We set up the table on the ground and played with three empty cups.  He loved it and couldn't wait to show Scott how he plays beer pong.  Maybe we should just call it cup pong or so.  My friend Danae pointed out this morning that Evan is probably telling his preschool teachers this morning that he learned how to play beer pong with his mom:)

Monday, August 21, 2017

Hello Sunshine

During summer break we took a quick trip to Florida.  We spent two days in Orlando and two in Daytona Beach. It is so nice to have the Allegiant direct flight into Sanford, FL.  It's an easy 2 hour flight.  We rented a car and drove into Orlando.  We stayed at a resort with a nice pool and lazy river and just hung out our first evening there.  

Our first full day there we rented a cabana by the pool and spent most of the day down there.  The kids loved the lazy river.  In the evening my friend Lisa and her family came by for a visit.  We swam some more and had dinner by the pool. 
All of the kids
Lisa and I with the two little kids
 It was a fun and relaxing day (as relaxing as it can be with three kids by the pool).  

The next morning we had reservations for a character breakfast at the Disney Yacht Club.  The kids enjoyed it, but didn't really get into it.  Nora was all talk and then got a little scared in the beginning when they came close.  By the end she wanted to give them all hugs.

We met Donald Duck

This was her cheese face when no character was around

She still wasn't sure about the characters here and just watched Minnie Mouse in the background

I think Hannah enjoyed it the most

Still no Nora in the picture

She finally warmed up to Goofy and got in the picture

After breakfast we headed to Daytona Beach and spent the afternoon on the beach.  We bought a ball and some sand toys and enjoyed the beach.
The view from our room.  The Lifeguard Championships were going on during our stay.  It was very interesting to watch.

The sun wore everybody out, so we went for an early dinner on the beach and then back to the room.
Nothing better than this view with a Margarita in hand.

The view from our side of the table

And then me and Nora on the other side

This restaurant was great, because we got to sit on the patio while the kids played in the sand.
We spent the next day back at the pool and beach.  Evan made some friends with some teenage boys by the pool and they played with a ball for a long time.  He loved it.  
We went for a little walk along the beach and stopped for a picture at Bubba Gump.
We were all a little hot at this point, so we decided to drive to Public for lunch to get a sub.  We had a little picnic in our hotel room.  We spent the rest of the afternoon back at the beach and watched some of the Lifeguard competitions.
We enjoyed dinner so much the night before that we went to the same place again.  Nice view of the beach, cold beer, good food and the kids were entertained on the beach.  The only negative was that they had to shower again after dinner, because they were rolling in the sand.Ha!

As you can see Nora was covered in sand from head to toe.
Evan wasn't really into the picture taking, so this is all we got
It was a beautiful walk back on the beach and we all discussed how we can make it work and stay an extra few days.......we had to get up very early the next morning to head to the airport
Lots of pictures on our last night on the beach
And ONE family picture
It was a quick, but very fun trip.  We can't wait to go back.