Tuesday, October 18, 2016

More Fall Fun

We have been having some more Fall Fun.  I took the kids to the Pumpkin Patch last weekend and it was over 80 degrees out.  It did not feel like Fall.  The kids had fun climbing hay bales, riding the Mule train and playing on the playground.

This is as good as it gets with three

The corn pit was a favorite too
The sun was a little bright
My little piggies…..how fitting
Hannah has been coming to this pumpkin patch since she was a baby.  I like seeing these pictures every year.

Every morning I ask the kids what they would like for breakfast (they know their choices) and a lot of times the will say ice cream or candy.  Well, on Saturday morning when they said ice cream I told them sure they can have it.  You should have seen their faces.  I pulled out a tub of ice cream with three spoons and let them have ice cream for breakfast.  It was the highlight of their day and Hannah told everybody about it.

While Nora naps I usually try to play something fun with Evan.  I asked him last week what he wants to play (he usually wants to play firefighter or build a fort) and he said he wanted to play salon.  It is one of Hannah's favorite games.  So, we played salon and took some selfies.
Evan did my make up and hair
Then it was my turn to do his hair
The things we do for our kids and the things a little boy with a big sister wants to play…….

We planted a bunch of tulips this weekend.  Evan asked if he could help with the seeds.  I told him that we are actually going to plant bulbs.  While we were planting he kept asking me if I need another light bulb:)

We went to our annual pumpkin decoration get together at the McElroy's last weekend.  It is always so much fun.  
Dan was nice enough to help some of the kids carve a pumpkin.  
When it was Evan's turn he asked what Evan wanted carved and he said "a ghost chasing a little boy".  
Well, Dan delivered.  I was quite impressed.
Here you have a carved pumpkin with a ghost chasing a little boy
Hannah and Nora's pumpkins

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Life Lately - Fall Edition

It is Fall ya'll.  I do enjoy everything about this time of the year.  The only think I don't enjoy is knowing that Winter is coming.  At this point we are all ready for some cooler temperatures and lots of outside play time.  I wore my Ugg boots for the first time last Saturday to Evan's soccer practice.  Oh how I love those boots.  It's funny in the Spring when it's mid 70's we all wear shorts and t-shirts and in the Fall when it's mid 70's we get the boots, leggings and scarfs out.

The temperatures have been up and down a lot.  We still went swimming last week, but I do think those days are probably over now.  Nora calls her swimsuit a "sim poot", it is very cute when she says it.

I love the Fall colors and can't wait to see all of the pretty trees in a few weeks.  We decorated our house a little for Fall and we have already carved two pumpkins, because a certain three year old has been very excited to carve pumpkins (and both of them are already in the trash, because they molded quickly).
Some of the things on our Fall bucket list include: pumpkin patch, playing in the leaves, apple picking, using the fire pit, going to a football game, carve pumpkins, go to a halloween party, make thanksgiving jars, put out our thankful turkey, trip to silver dollar city and a Fall scavenger hunt.

Hannah's pumpkin creation
Pretty Fall/Halloween outfits
Nora at First Friday.  The kids really liked doing all of the crafts and projects this time.  
With these nicer temperatures we have talked about going camping, so Evan has been very excited and has been wanting to test out our tent.  One morning we decided to set it up in the yard.  It is not easy to set up a dome tent with the help of a one and three year old, but we did manage.
The tent even held up to their craziness.  Nora was just running into the walls of the tent and thought it was funny
We did finish it.  Now we just need to find a weekend to actually go camping.  Pretty sure we will be a one night camping family.
One day after school we did a "book club" afternoon.  Once again I can't take any credit for creativity, because I copied all of the activities from momfessionals.com (you can read all of the details on what she did on her blog).
We read the book "Dragons love Tacos" (it is currently Evan's favorite) and did a bunch of activities involving tacos and dragons.
We started with a little dragon craft.  Scissors and gluing are always a favorite.
Then we moved on to the taco sauce experiment.  They really enjoyed this.  Why does taco sauce work as a good penny cleaner?  We cleaned pennies with taco sauce and then took each individual ingredient of taco sauce to see if it can clean pennies on its own.  It didn't, so the conclusion was it had to be a combination.  We tried different combinations and found the winner.
Next we did a little number activity.  I put some dragon stickers on a piece of paper and labeled them with a number.  They had to find the matching dragon stickers and stack the labeled number of stickers on top.  Evan really liked this activity (it was a little too easy for Hannah).
Nora just got a little carried away with the stickers
Of course we had tacos for dinner and while I made dinner the kids had little taco activity books they worked on.  Evan has asked several times if we can do another taco day.

Evan's imagination has been really funny lately.  Scott took them to see "The secret lives of pets" last weekend and sometime this week Evan told me "I saw in the secret life of pets that the easter bunny is living with curious george".  No idea where that came from.

He has also been talking about going to Kansas City.  I told him that we don't have a trip planned to Kansas City, but that we are going to Branson to see grandma and grandpa.  He kept talking about going to Kansas City and he finally said "to ride some rides".  Then it clicked and I realized he has been talking about going to Silver Dollar City theme park.