Friday, August 18, 2017

Summer Break Wrap Up

Well, summer break is over and kids are back in school.  Hannah has had a great first week of school and I think she will have a fantastic year.  She has a wonderful teacher and several friends in her class.
We conquered our summer break and did a lot of fun things.  I was not ready for summer break to end yet, but I am starting to see that a little bit more of a routine will be good for all of us.  We have all been really tired in the afternoons this week, so it will just take us a little bit longer to get used to school days again.

Here is a little bit more of our summer break.

I came across some pictures from our s'mores night when my mom was in town

One of our first boat rides of the season.  All three kids love the lake.

While Hannah was at Girls Scout Camp Evan and I built a little obstacle course in the Hallway.  You had to cross the "laser beams" without touching.
Evan loved it.

Hannah had a sleepover with Eve to watch the new Descendants 2
While Hannah was at her sleepover I took Evan and Nora to The Station for breakfast.  They both love breakfast foods.
Apparently Evan was really hungry.....he ate a lot of that food on his plates

Hannah still loves to do the limbo.  She saw this girl on Americas Got Talent that limboed under a car and she was so impressed that she has been practicing a lot.
She used our Fort Magic kit to build herself a limbo contraption......

Evan is really into soccer this year, so we decided to drive up to Kansas City to go to a Sporting game.  We had so much fun.  The atmosphere was great and I felt a little bit at home.  KC played Chicago and they have Bastian Schweinsteiger on their team, so it was fun to see him play.  The game ended 3:2 for Kansas City, so it was a great game for the kids, because we got to see a lot of goals.

Nora didn't get into the game as much as the other two, but overall she still did great
Evan starts soccer tomorrow. He has been so excited that he started a countdown calendar several week back.  

The kids made their own board game with Morgan.
I think it is so creative and fun.  Evan is always wanting to make or create something.  He has lots and lots of ideas.

I love this board game.  I played a round with Nora the other day and we had so much fun with it.

Here is a picture of the game board. You have to draw a card and do what it says on the card in order to move forward.  You get to move to the space that has the same color as the card you picked from he pile.
We are using little toys as our game pieces.
Here are some of the game cards
Play hide and seek, Act out a Story, Dance to Shake it Off, Tell a Knock Knock joke, Jump up and down 15 times, Sing Happy Birthday etc.....

A few weeks ago was finally the time for the Color of Hope Gala benefitting the Children's Hospital.  This was my 4th year working on the committee and as always the event was a lot of fun and a big success!
We don't get many pictures together, so this one is nice to have
Well, that wraps up our summer break.  

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

One Year Later

I went on a trip to Germany in July all by myself to be with my mom and brother during the one year anniversary of my dads passing.  It is one of those things that feel like it just happened yesterday, but on the other hand I can't believe its already been a year.  The weeks and days leading up to the one year anniversary are intense.  It's almost like an internal clock is counting down and reliving everything from last year......last year at this time I talked to him for the last time, last year at this time is when I got the phone call etc....
The emotions are still real high and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about him a lot.  I like thinking about him and being reminded of him.  So many things trigger many wonderful memories.  Little things like hearing a Rolling Stones song or seeing an old antique car that I know he would have liked or eating at a restaurant that I know he would enjoy.  
I really enjoyed the week I spent with my mom and my brother and his family.  I missed my crazy crew like crazy, but it was also good for the soul to spend some quality time with my mom.  We enjoyed talking, riding our bikes, going out for breakfast a couple of times, trying a few new recipes, celebrating her birthday, watching my brothers little girls, cleaning out a few rooms in the house and just keeping each other company.  I did not take any pictures during my entire trip.  

I did get a few pictures from Scott.  
Hannah was at Girls Scout Camp when I left, so I didn't see her for 10 days.Scott took the kids to Branson to see grandma and grandpa the day he picked Hannah up from camp.  They took the boat out for a bit and this is the picture I got with the caption "fun group".
Hannah must have been exhausted after camp.......this girl never takes a nap.

They also went to play putt putt golf
Working out at grandmas house
The regular Sunday morning Target run
And haircuts for Hannah and Evan

Scott had to leave for a business trip to Spain, so I actually had to come home the day before the anniversary of my dads passing.  
I was very ready to meet my family at the airport.
On the anniversary day we decided to release some balloons for him

It was a nice way to remember him with the kids.

Also on that day I was able to spend a little one on one time with each kid.  I took Nora for a donut in the morning (her love language.ha).  Hannah and I went for a pedicure (lucky for me) and I took Evan out for pizza for lunch and we played the new board game I brought from Germany at the restaurant.