Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Big Three

Dear Nora,
Where do I even begin?  I should probably start by stating the obvious.  How is it possible that you are already three?  Time please slow down just a little.  You were by far our easiest/smoothest delivery......that was just the calm before the storm.  Haha!  You are a little firecracker.  
We love you more than you can ever imagine.  You are full of life, sweetness and personality.  We like to say "it's Nora's world and we all just live in it".  You are hilariously funny, sweet, sassy and everything in between.  You love to be outside and ride your balance bike and your new scooter, draw with chalk, play in the sand box and just run around.  

This is you with your new scooter on your birthday

You love to play with your baby dolls and are a great doll mommy.  Your babies got a crib for your birthday and you are very excited about that.  

Peppa Pig is your favorite show and you are not afraid to call me "momma pig" sometime.  You love our new puppy and she has to put up with quite a bit from you.  You like to boss everybody around including the dog.  You and Evan are quite the pair.  You are very close and get along great.  Of course there are the occasional fights and it's mainly because you do not want to share anything.  You happen to think that everything is yours and that you are always right and that you re always the winner.  You are quite hard headed and opinionated and can throw a good tantrum. You can do everything on your own and never ever need help.  You like to say "never ever ever".
You keep saying that Hannah is your best friend.  Just this morning you said "there was a bad storm in my room last night and Hannah kept me safe"".  Hannah slept in your bed last night and you asked her to hold your hand during a thunderstorm.  You make us laugh all of the time with your facial expressions and with what you say.  
Your curly hair is super cute and a little wild and crazy, just like your personality.
You are very polite and use please and thank you all of the time.  You also like to say "Oh that is so sweet" after I do something for you for tell you that I love you.
We love you to the moon and back and you were the perfect addition to our family.  
Love, Mom, Dad, Evan and Hannah

Nora has been so excited for your birthday and we have been counting down the days.  We had her party last weekend and the Princess Party Palace and she had a blast.  She ate up all of the attention (after being shy for the first few minutes).  I bought this party at an auction (thank you Princess Party Palace for donating to the Color of Hope Gala) and it was such an easy party.  All I had to do was order pizza and bring a cake.
Dress up time
Sing along time
Evan wasn't into the princess theme and got to decorate a pirate hat
Story time
Make up time
Pretty make up on our little princess
Finally pizza and cake time
And present time....always a favorite

And then it was Coronation time......yes Nora was crowned a princess.  She even waved to the crowd afterwards.....she was a natural at it.  Haha!
One last picture with Princess Elsa

I wanted to write down a few more of her quotes that I don't want to forget.

She came downstairs the other day and said very dramatically "Oh mommy I am hungry like a wolf". Maybe she accidentally got Alexa to play some Duran Duran recently......not sure where she heard that saying.

Hannah and Evan often ask if we can give them a Math problem (Evan loves it).  So , now Nora will sit at the table and ask "Mommy give me a math problem".  Her answer is almost always 1.  

We were doing a puzzle last week and she crossed her arms and said "This is impossible".  It made me laugh.

We recently switched Evan to a Booster seat in the car and he now sits in the third row with Hannah.  Nora has been wanting to sit back there too, but we have been telling her she is not big enough.  When I picked her up from preschool on her actual birthday the first thing she said was "Can I sit in the back now, I am three".  Sorry three is still not big enough to sit in a Booster seat.  

Monday, November 13, 2017

Meet Zoey

Today is Nora's birthday and she is turning 3.  How is that possible?  More on her birthday next time, today I am going to introduce you to Zoey.......our newest family member.   

A few weeks back we went to the Help One Now event hosted at Jenny and Dave's barn.  It was a very fun evening of raising money for a great cause and enjoying time with friends.  

The special guests of the evening were Willie and Korie Robertson from Duck Dynasty (and several other family members were there too).  I will confess at this time that I have never seen an episode of their show.   After hearing Willie that evening I did add "watch Duck Dynasty" to my to do list.  He was very funny and I am intrigued to watch the show.  These are the only two pictures I took that evening.  Not very impressive, I know.

I just went to Jenny's blog to get a couple pictures of the evening.....

Alright, back to the topic of this post.  The event had a silent and live auction.  The last item on the live auction was a puppy.  The puppy was there that evening and I held her......she was so sweet and I decided that we needed a puppy.  I found Scott and told him about my idea and while he was not for it, he also was not completely against it.  At this point a few of our friends made it their mission to convince us to bid on the puppy.  As you know I am pretty competitive, so once the bidding started I had to win.  And I did.
This was me right after the auction.
Do I look a little frightened?    Maybe......
The puppy was approximately 13 weeks old at the time.  We took her home that night.  I was so nervous.  I have never owned a pet and had LOTS of questions.  I texted a group of friends all of the time.  Silly questions such as "How often does a dog pee?"  haha
I felt so overwhelmed.  

The best moment so far has been when we woke the kids up early the next morning and told them there is something they want to see downstairs.  Hannah said "Is the Elf back?"  

Hannah was over the moon when she saw the puppy.  She has been wanting one for a long time.  She bonded with her instantly and has been a great helper with her.  
We decided very quickly that morning to name her "Zoey".  
Zoey is a Labradoodle.
Nora loves her too and Evan could go either way.  I just don't think he really cares right now.
That night Hannah set up camp right next to Zoey's kennel and slept there all night (on the tile floor in the mudroom.....I got her some extra blankets).  Both of them actually slept good.  
The next night wasn't as fun.  Let's just say I was up a lot and had to clean up big messes a lot.  I was ready to give her up for adoption the next day:)
Look at these two.....
This is how Hannah has been doing her homework now
So, we are all adjusting to having a new puppy in the house.  Scott's allergies have been bothering him, but it seems to be getting a little better (and he has to take medicine).  The potty training is going OK.......we went almost an entire week without an accident and then boom yesterday we had 2.  I am having to read a lot on the internet on how to train a puppy.  Looking into different obedience school options now.

Both Hannah and Zoey were tired last night
Overall Zoey is a very calm and laid back puppy. She loves to be crazy outside, but is really calm inside and just lays around on her dog bed a lot.  We put the bed in her kennel and she loves it in there.  Her kennel is her favorite spot to be.  

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

All About Our Halloween

We had a great Halloween this year with lots of fun events leading up to trick or treating.  We wanted to do a family costume again this year, but we couldn't get all the kids to agree (I won't mention any names.....haha). So, we just let the kids chose their own and safe the idea for hopefully another year.

The school carnival is always a favorite for our kids
We had Skye from Paw Patrol, a circus performer and Batman
I didn't even get a picture of Hannah the circus performer.  She was too busy playing all the games and this is the only picture I got of Batman
Hannah's class booth

We went to a Fall Festival at the Bella Vista Library and they were doing face painting.  While we were standing in line Nora said she wanted a mustache.  I have no idea where she got that from, but she stuck with it and got a mustache.
Hannah got a little spider web
Nora's facial expressions make me laugh......especially with that mustache on her

We also went on our second annual pub crawl with friends.  Always a good time.
Dinosaurs for the win.  The Crossett's always win best costume.  Can't wait to see next years :)
Best picture of the night.  The Dinosaurs were invited to be a part of a wedding picture.....
A few fun group pictures

Evan had a little party at school and this was the picture his teacher sent me.  He is so cute.

Hannah participated in the school pumpkin decorating contest.  Her donut pumpkins got third place!

Hannah had a Book Character Parade at school and we didn't really plan for that, but she wanted to participate.  So, the night before the parade we rummaged around to come up with a Mary Poppins costume.  I think we actually did pretty well considering that this is all just stuff we had in the house. Hannah is wearing one of Evan's size 5t shirts.  Ha!
After school we made some spooky snacks to take over to Katie's house for the trick or treating festivities.

Oreo eyeballs
And Mummy dogs
Family picture before heading out
Evan ditched his Batman costume and went with his Firefighter costume.....
It started to rain, but that didn't stop us from having a good time
After getting back to Katie's house the kids just sat and sorted and traded for a long time.  It was really fun to watch them and see their different personalities when trading candy.
Then we had to sort again after getting home.
Evan is already asking how much longer until the next Halloween.