Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The "Weisse Hirsch" is here

My dad owned this antique car that he loved.  He had so many great memories with this car.  He loved to ride around in it, loved the attention, loved it when people took pictures of the car and asked him questions.  He was in his element when riding in this car.

I will always remember the last conversation I had with my dad over the phone.  We were actually out on the lake and our connection kept breaking up.  He asked if I would like to have this car after he passes away.  I just remember thinking "Oh no he is giving away his stuff, this is not good".  Of course I said yes, I would love to have this car.  My dad passed away three days later.

My dad had a nickname for this car.  He called it the "weisse Hirsch", which means the "white deer".  

This summer the car made its way onto a big truck to start a journey across the ocean.
This was the picture my brother sent me.
I talk to my mom often and we both kept bringing up the car and wondering where it was and how it was doing (like it was a person with feelings. Ha).  It was a very strange feeling not knowing exactly where the car was.  This car means a lot to our family.  We will take good care of it over here.

We were given the name of the vessel it was traveling on, so we looked it up on vessel finder.com.  The journey took about 3 weeks on water.

Once the car arrived in Houston it had to go through customs and then we finally received a call last week, that it was through customs and on its way to our house.

We met the truck driver in an area where he could easily get in and out and unload the car.
It was very emotional for me to see this car being unloaded here.  It finally made it and looked good.
The truck driver said he should have charged people money to take pictures of this car.
The car is a 1965 Ford Thunderbird.  It looks nothing like the regular Thunderbirds.  We don't know much about the history of the car, but it is a one of a kind.
We made enough room in our garage to park it in there.
Now the challenge is to get it registered here......wish me luck on that.
This car will always be very special to me and I can't wait to take it out for its first ride back in the US.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fall List

We love doing seasonal lists of things to do and we recently put up our Fall list on our white board.
It is always fun to look at our list when planning our week.

We were able to cross off Pumpkin Patch this weekend (I am sure we will go again before the season is over).
We have been visiting McGarrah Farms every year since Hannah was little.  They have some fun new additions to the patch every year.

Nora is still the only one that will stop and cheese for a photo

There is something about pumpkins........they always look so pretty

The kids always enjoy playing on the train playground and corn filled sand boxes

Evan started the trip to the pumpkin patch with a little hole in his jeans.  In this picture you can see the hole has already gotten a lot bigger.  By the end of the trip the entire jeans leg was ripped.

Lots of photo opportunities

We tried the corn maze, but gave up after a while and went back out the entry.....haha!

The minion hay bales were pretty cute

Nora was taking a picture with the minion and accidentally took one of his arms off. Oops.

All 5 of us.....

Oh and the growth chart.....

I think I have finally come to terms with the fact that summer is over.  We will embrace Fall and enjoy pumpkin everything!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Three Things

I am doing a "three things" update again on the kids.  It is a nice way to go back and see what they were up to at a certain point in time (the last one I did was sometime in the Spring).


ONE- Hannah is in third grade now and is having a good school year so far.  She has a wonderful teacher and several of her old friends in class.  Her favorite part about her new classroom is that her teacher doesn't have assigned seating and has different sitting options such as balls ect.  She really enjoys reading now (that was the one thing she struggled with a little bit in Kindergarten).  

TWO- Hannah still enjoys a lot of after school activities.  She is playing Fall Softball twice a week, goes to gymnastics once a week (and she spends half her life upside down at home.....always doing a handstand, cartwheel or backbend) and Girls Scouts.  She also really likes having a friend over to play even though she doesn't like it when her little brother and sister want to play with them.  

THREE- Hannah likes to have her quiet time sometimes and just read or listen to music or braid her dolls hair.  She is a wonderful big sister to Evan and Nora despite the fighting.  Hannah and Evan are very competitive when it comes to playing any type of game, whether it is a board game or a round of soccer.  She is not a very good loser and will not let Evan win.  


ONE- Evan is in his last year of preschool and he goes three days a week now.  He is having a really hard time adjusting to school again.  It is so heartbreaking to see him cry and get sad.  He already  starts to get sad the night before school.  He says that he just misses us so much.  We sent a family picture with him to school now, so when he gets sad he can look at it.  I am hoping that he will just need a few more weeks to get adjusted.  It is so though to see him sad!

TWO- Evan loves to play games.  Any kind of game.  Board games, card games, soccer, football, basketball, races, obstacle courses, made up games and the list goes on and on.  He wants to be doing something every minute of the day and he has lots of ideas.  He always says that we are playing the "championship game".  He likes to win, but he is also a very good loser (especially in comparison to Hannah).  

THREE- Evan is a very sweet boy with a tender heart.  He tells us "I love you" all of the time.  He likes to make everybody happy and is always the first one to come up with a compromise.  He always says "How about we do this....." and tries to come up with a fair way of doing things.  
The other day he told me that he likes Christmas better than his birthday.  I asked him why and he said that at Christmas you get presents and no shots and on your birthday you get presents, but then you have to go in to the doctor to get shots.    


ONE- Nora is a little firecracker.  It is Nora's world and we all live in it.  She doesn't lack any personality.  She is super funny, talks a lot and doesn't have time to snuggle, sit or read.  She is always on the go.  She seems so much older than 2 (I know she is getting close to 3, but for right now she is still 2......I am in denial that she will be 3 soon), she does everything the other kids do.
She recently started saying "I love you super much and bigger much", so now that is something we all say to her too.

TWO- Nora is going to preschool three days a week as well and she loves it.  She said this morning she is going to check on Evan, because he was sad at drop off.  She said she would bring her friends to go check on him.  She asks me every morning if she has school today.  

THREE- She loves to play with her baby dolls and is a great little mother.  She packs them up and they have to come with us a lot of the times.  She can't just pick one, there are always at least 3 dolls. 
Nora is very close to Evan and they have been sleeping in the same bed for the last few weeks.  Since then she has finally been staying in her bed all night.  I still have a monitor in her room and it is funny to hear them talk in the morning right after they wake up.  Evan was teaching Nora how to play "rock, paper scissors", so now that's what they do every morning.  Nora pretty much does paper every time and Evan continues to try and teach her.....

Monday, September 18, 2017

Weekend Recap- Camping Edition

We had a wonderful busy weekend.  
Friday morning I attended Hannah's Bash at school, because she won an award.  She won the Literary Luminary award.  Hannah really enjoys reading now.  She struggled a little bit early on with reading and then it finally clicked and she has been an awesome reader.  

Friday night Scott and I went to the Cobblestone Harvest Party.  Scott has been on the Board for the Cobblestone Project and this is their big annual fundraiser.  The Cobblestone Project Farm is a local non for profit that grows produce and donates it to local food banks. 
We had a few tables at the event, so Scott rented a bus to drive us out to the Morter Barn venue.  The barn is beautiful and was a perfect venue  for the Harvest Party.

Here are a few pictures of the ladies

And the entire crew

A lot of the ingredients for the meal came from the farm (potatoes, arugula, peppers, onions, squash, radishes, mint ect).

The drinks and music was good, so everybody had a fun evening.

The next morning we headed to Evan's soccer game and then got ready for a family camping trip with Hannah's Girls Scout troop.  This was our first night in a tent with the kids.

We had a great afternoon playing in the creek, running around and playing soccer, doing a scavenger hunt, exploring some caves, going for a little hike, building a solar oven, roasting hot dogs and s'mores.

By the end of the evening Scott and Evan decided to head home, but the girls and I stayed and spent the night in the tent. Hannah had so much fun with her friends and they stayed up late playing card games.

Both girls slept pretty good in the tent.  I woke up a lot, but overall I did get some sleep.
We made breakfast the next morning and then started to pack up before the rain hit.  Scott brought me a Starbucks to the campsite, which was a welcomed surprise.
 We did feel the effects of a long and fun and exhausting day on Sunday and everybody was in bed early.
I think our family might be ready for a few camping adventures.

Last week we had a couple of sick days in our house.  Scott was traveling, so I set up pallets on the floor for the kids to sleep on in my room.

Evan had the stomach bug one night and the next day Hannah had a stomach ache, so I kept her home from school just in case (thankfully she never got the bug, just a stomach ache).  Evan told Hannah "I am still beating you at throwing up.  I am winning".  Everything is a competition at our house, even the throwing up.

This little firecracker makes us laugh all of the time.

We were still able to enjoy some swimming days last week.  We should be able to squeeze in a few more swims and hopefully a boat ride before temperatures cool down too much.

Evan and Nora still like to play "beer pong".  We still have the table set up in our driveway and we just bounce ping pong balls into empty cups.  Last week Evan wanted to add water to the cups to play the game.  Nora said "I need to drink all the beer too".