Monday, April 23, 2018

Bunny Pictures......Always A Favorite

We have been doing Easter pictures with Myra for at least 7 years.  They are always some of my favorite pictures.  Probably because I don't have to bribe the kids to get pictures taken and don't have to jump up and down and make silly faces to get a good smile out of them.  Once they hold the bunnies it comes all naturally.  They all three love it.

This was Hannah's first bunny picture I posted on this blog.

Evan's first year for bunny pictures (we actually put them away when we took pictures with him since he was so little)
Nora's first year of bunny pictures
This was last year
And now finally to this year.  Nora was wearing the same dress that Hannah wore for bunny pictures in 2012.  I love seeing Nora in Hannah's old clothes.  It brings back a lot of memories.
Hannah in 2012

2018 Bunny Pictures

Evan's turn to have the bunnies to himself

Nora was up next

When did Hannah get so big?  She looks way too old in these pictures

A couple more group pictures at the end

Friday, April 20, 2018

Well Hello There......'s been 7 weeks since I updated the blog.  Once you take a little break it's hard to get motivated again, because you just don't know where to start.  So, I am playing catch up today.  
The weather has been a little on the chilly side for Spring, but that doesn't stop us from enjoying some Spark ice cream.
Every time we go to the Spark Cafe she wants me to lift her up so she can see all of the flavors and every single time she choses Spark, but if you ask her before she looks if she wants Spark she will say that she needs to look first.
And every single time she looks like this after eating it.....

Evan is an Ambassador for the new Children's Hospital this year and he gets invited to go to all of these events around town that support the hospital and sometimes we share our story.  We went to the U of A campus for their dance marathon and Evan had a great time.  He jumped right in and started playing and dancing with all of the College girls.
We also had an Elsa with us.
After seeing Nora the DJ played "let it go" and she was super excited.

We finally wrapped up Girl Scout cookie season, but Hannah recently took the opportunity to educate her brother and sister about Girl Scout cookies.  She made them sit in the pantry while she explained every cookie and then they were allowed to taste test two.
Same night she told them that she is the fitness instructor and she made them do a work out.  She isn't bossing them around at all :)
Squats, burpees, push ups and sit ups.....

Evan was the student of the week at his preschool and we filled out this fun poster
No surprises at all.....he loves Mac n cheese, wants to be a soccer player and is good at Monopoly!

Hannah's school did this super fun fundraiser with Marco's pizza.  All students gt to decorate their own pizza box during school hours and then during the week of the fundraiser you could order pizza in your decorated box and they donated a portion of all sales back to the school.  So fun and different!
I am not sure what Mountain Fresh pizza is......

Nora is actually really good at entertaining herself, which is very nice.  The only negative is that the room looks like this after 5 minutes...
Evan wants to play games nonstop, but I think Nora enjoys some alone time sometimes.

After we had several consecutive rainy days I asked what happened to the sun and Nora said "Oh the sun is busy"

She also said that "After I grow up I want to be a tooth fairy".  I hope your wish comes true.

Nora had put on a princess dress right before we were getting in the car to go somewhere and as most of you know it is not that easy to buckle them in with a big dress on, so Nora said to me while I was buckling her "Don't be disappointed I am wearing this dress it's amazing"

We went to Branson to visit grandma and grandpa during part of our Spring break.  Nora loves to play in the dress up clothes.
We went back to Dogwood Canyon to ride bikes.  It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  Evan went to the golf course with grandpa instead.
The ice cream was yummy on such a nice day

Look at that morning hair

Pure joy on this kids face.....nobody needs toys, just a little mud.

Well that's enough catching up for one day.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday Happenings

We have been battling a little sickness around here.  Thankfully it was nothing too bad and I am hoping we are done with it now.  Evan was the first one to get a little sick.  He was riding Nora's scooter around and Nora said "Evan you are going to get my scooter sick."

Evan is still obsessed with Monopoly.  He absolutely loves to play.  We play classic Monopoly, Junior Monopoly, Wii Monopoly and now Evan started drawing chalkboard Monopoly games on the driveway.  He has come up with some very creative rules on how to play it outside with the chalk.  I am quite impressed with his creativity.

We have had lots of rain in the last few weeks.  One day Evan and Nora really wanted to play in the rain, so they did.
They were completely soaked and jumped into a hot bath right after.

Nora's curls were so pretty on this day (she had gotten wet in the rain again).  I really hope she will keep these curls, but she will probably end up straightening her hair anyway.  Right?  

More rain.....I think there is something really cute about two little kids under an umbrella :)

Poor Hannah had to go in for allergy testing and she has her dads allergies.
Too bad this girl has no personality

We dyed Hannah's hair pink again with KoolAid.  She is still not tired of pink hair.

We have had some beautiful sunny days this week.  So, when Nora was sick and it was sunny out we made her a little bed on the driveway.
And guess what Evan and I played?
You guessed right.  Another round of chalkboard Monopoly.

This week was International Pancake day and I took Hannah and Evan to get a free small stack of pancakes at IHOP.  Evan represented the Children's Hospital, because they encouraged customers to donate that day.
His quote when the pancakes arrived "I have been waiting for this moment"

Nora wanted to try on my rain boots
Look at this hair
Nutella toast for dinner :)