Monday, July 9, 2018

Summetime Fun

I can't believe we are half way through summer break.  I have to admit I was a little nervous about having all of them home all summer, but it has flown by so far.  Yes, there is a lot of fighting and complaining (when we have to run some errands), but overall it's been a lot of fun.  Lots of swimming, playing outside and eating ice cream.  

We have gone to the creek a couple of times.  The water is SO cold, but the kids don't mind.

Hannah keeps practicing her French braiding skills.  She is getting pretty good at it.

The weekend of Hannah's birthday we went up to Manhattan, KS for Scott's cousins wedding.  The kids stayed at aunt Megan's house during the wedding with a babysitter.
Instead of a wedding cake they had donuts at the wedding.  All of our kids love donuts, so Scott sent them a picture of the donuts and cake pops.....

This was there response picture the babysitter sent.  It was their "mad faces", because we got donuts.

The wedding was at a beautiful winery.

We had a fun night and it is always so fun to see family.

I went for the photo bomb on this one :)

And then they let me in on the picture

Scott and Amy

Even Bernie Sanders made an appearance.  This life size cut out was hilarious.

On the way back from Manhattan we stopped a night in Kansas City and went to the KC Sporting game.  Hannah went home with grandma and grandpa for a few days, so she missed the soccer fun.

We love the atmosphere at the Sporting games.  It is family friendly and a lot of fun.
Evan and Nora played a few games before the game started.

We had fantastic seats and were on the first row.  It gave us a completely different perspective of the game.  It made me realize truly how big the field is and how fast they run.  It was great!

First up the boys

And now the girls

Then we finally found something that Nora is scared's Fireworks.  She did NOT like the pre-game fireworks.

Ready to cheer on the KC Sporting

We saw another win by the KC Sporting.  Maybe we are good luck for them???????

This is one of Nora's favorite dresses and she asked me to take a picture of her in it

The kids received a fun package from Germany with some World Cup Fan gear.  Little did we know at that time that we won't need it for long.

We went to the Rogers Aquatic Center and had a great day.  I got one picture that day......I was helping Evan put sunscreen on and meanwhile Nora started her own sunscreen application.

We have been out to the lake several times.  It is my happy place out there.  Thankfully our kids are water babies and love it out there too.  How could you not?

Boat hair don't care....

This was on our way back home from the boat.

Hannah was invited to a birthday party and Scott took her in Opa's car.  She loves riding in it.

I was playing Barbie with Nora and she said "look I can fit into the garage" :)

It was finally time for the World Cup.  Nora and Evan were ready to watch and play their own game.  Who doesn't play soccer in a leotard with a bow on and cleats that are way too big?????

Evan loves his new neon yellow soccer cleats

We got to have cousin Bennett come for a few day visit.  It is always fun to have some cousin time.

And back to the creek with Bennett

Riding to the pizza place in style.....

I also got to have some one on one time with each kid.  First up was Evan and he wanted to go to Dave and Buster's and play some games and have lunch there.

Next up was Hannah and we went on a little shopping trip.  We hit up Claire's and Justice (and spent an unbelievable amount of time in there. Ha!). We also had Qdoba for lunch, which is Hannah's favorite place followed by some frozen yoghurt.

Last but not least was Nora and she chose a Pedicure.  She loves to get her nails done.  She sits so patiently.
I didn't get any pictures on the girls dates.

Evan went to a week long British Soccer Camp.  It was HOT out that week and they played for 3 hours every morning.  He was so hot and sweaty when we picked him up.  The camp was for ages 6 and up, but we asked if Evan could try it since he loves soccer.  I was a little nervous for him on the first day, because I didn't know if he could keep up with 6 and 7 year olds.  He did great and loved it.  He was definitely challenged, but he enjoyed that.  They played World Cup games all week and his team was Germany.

On the last day they got to soak their coaches with cold water.  For sure a highlight for Evan

The kids got to have a sleepover at Morgan's house.  I think this has been their favorite part of summer so far.  They keep asking when they can do that again.
Here are the pictures we got from Morgan.

Girls playing with princess stuff.....

......and Evan playing Monopoly on the Wii with no shirt on.

Time for bed.....apparently there was a lot of musical chairs going on throughout the night.  Nora ended up on the mattress all by herself.  Evan was on the floor and Hannah moved over to the couch.

Evan and Nora also completed their swim lessons for the year.  They are both becoming really good swimmers.

Nora is still the most willing to get her picture taken. The other two are not big fans.