Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday Happenings

We have been battling a little sickness around here.  Thankfully it was nothing too bad and I am hoping we are done with it now.  Evan was the first one to get a little sick.  He was riding Nora's scooter around and Nora said "Evan you are going to get my scooter sick."

Evan is still obsessed with Monopoly.  He absolutely loves to play.  We play classic Monopoly, Junior Monopoly, Wii Monopoly and now Evan started drawing chalkboard Monopoly games on the driveway.  He has come up with some very creative rules on how to play it outside with the chalk.  I am quite impressed with his creativity.

We have had lots of rain in the last few weeks.  One day Evan and Nora really wanted to play in the rain, so they did.
They were completely soaked and jumped into a hot bath right after.

Nora's curls were so pretty on this day (she had gotten wet in the rain again).  I really hope she will keep these curls, but she will probably end up straightening her hair anyway.  Right?  

More rain.....I think there is something really cute about two little kids under an umbrella :)

Poor Hannah had to go in for allergy testing and she has her dads allergies.
Too bad this girl has no personality

We dyed Hannah's hair pink again with KoolAid.  She is still not tired of pink hair.

We have had some beautiful sunny days this week.  So, when Nora was sick and it was sunny out we made her a little bed on the driveway.
And guess what Evan and I played?
You guessed right.  Another round of chalkboard Monopoly.

This week was International Pancake day and I took Hannah and Evan to get a free small stack of pancakes at IHOP.  Evan represented the Children's Hospital, because they encouraged customers to donate that day.
His quote when the pancakes arrived "I have been waiting for this moment"

Nora wanted to try on my rain boots
Look at this hair
Nutella toast for dinner :)

Monday, February 19, 2018

Everything from Performances to Olympics to Valentine's Day

We have been blessed with lots of "Let it Go" performances around here.  Nora has about three Elsa dresses that she rotates and does her performances in.  She adds a cape and takes it off and throws it on the ground during "the cold never bothered my anyway" part.  I do have to say it is pretty entertaining.
During this particular performance she was using a dog bone as her microphone.

Hannah and Eve were putting on a show up on the stage area.  When I walked up I noticed that Nora had a ton of Evan's hair gel in her hair and I got onto her.....she said "but Nora is Donald Trump in our performance".  I could not stop laughing.

Evan got a little spiked hair too 

Scott took the kids to Target and sent me this picture.....they kids really thought I believed that he bought all of those things for them :)

Thankfully Nora is still a great eater and eats just about everything I cook, but she does have some strange combinations.
Here she was eating a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich with ketchup

Evan's preschool was celebrating the Winter Olympics with a competition of their own.  Last week some of the classes competed against each other with some ice skating, ice hockey and a few other games.  Evan was so excited for this and wanted to work out that week to get ready for the Olympics.
It was really cute.
His class represented Canada.  He was supposed to wear a white shirt and a few days before he told me "since I am so messy and always get toothpaste and food on my shirt, maybe I should keep the white shirt off until after I eat that morning".  Haha!  We should probably do that every morning, because by 8am his shirt already looks like he has worn it for weeks
All the kids got a little medal at the end.  It was a super fun event for the kids.  We have been watching a lot of Olympics around here.  

We were working on class Valentine's last week and Nora said "I know how to spell my name.  A-T-R-X".  Every time she said it she used a different combination of letters.
Hannah filled out a bunch of Valentine grams at school
We had a little Valentine's celebration at home on Valentine's Day.  Everybody got to make their own pizza and we decorated the table and had a little gift for the kids.
I asked the kids why do we celebrate Valentine's Day and Nora eagerly said "I know.  I know.  It's Jesus birthday".  

Hannah wore this same Valentine's outfit when she was 3.  I love seeing Nora in Hannah's old clothes.  Brings back a lot of memories.

We played Googley Eyes the other night and this girl just look so funny in those glasses.

Evan is still obsessed with playing Monopoly.  He played an intense game with Simon :)