Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Life Lately

We have been enjoying a lot of sunshine lately.  Hello summer!  The weather went from chilly and raining to HOT overnight. We have enjoyed a lot of swimming, park time and outside play time.

First I am going to start with Hannah's 7th birthday.  My baby is 7 and is becoming such a sweet little lady with the right amount of sass (sometimes a little too much).
This is her birthday table.  I always had a birthday table growing up, so we started this tradition with our kids.  Hannah loves it.  We let her open a few gifts before school and then the rest after dinner.  She wanted to wait until after dinner, because she had horseback riding in the afternoon and she didn't want to be rushed.
Here she is with her new witch broom, witch cape and spell book……you get the theme here!
Evan, Nora and myself met Hannah for lunch at school, which is always an adventure.  Nora loves to go from table to table and just say hi to all of the kids.
We left for horseback riding that afternoon and realized that Evan didn't have shoes when we got there. The barn is not exactly a good place without shoes, so he wore Hannah's.
I know this is over a month old, but I just came across this picture of Evan's Mother's Day letter from school.  Still makes me laugh every time.  
He was playing on a toy phone the other day and told me that he just got a text from a ghost.  Sweet memories.
Evan loves to spike his her now.  He calls it his fancy hair.
Say cheese
Not sure if we can call Nora's hair "fancy hair" too :)
Reading a book.  I love her cheese face.
Hannah was helping her read a book.
Well, then it was time to celibate Hannah's birthday.  She wanted to have a sleepover party at a hotel.  Easy peasy!
I told her she can invite 5 friends.  She tried to talk me into inviting 7 friends since she turned 7, but that didn't work.  We booked a room at the Embassy Suites and had a great time.  We went swimming, ate pizza and ice cream sundaes, painted nails and did make-up, made popcorn and watched a movie and finally went to sleep after midnight.  All the girls had a great time and Hannah absolutely loved it.  I got all of the girls robes with their names on it.  It was a big hit.

This was the first quiet moment when they were all eating ice cream.  Evan and Nora got to hang out for the swimming and eating part and then Scott took them home.
She sat in the corner to eat her ice cream
Oh I forgot we opened presents too
Then it was robe and make up time
Some of the make up may have gotten a little bit out of control.  Good thing I packed make up remover.
Then we rode the elevator to the top floor and quietly walked a few laps….
Then we jumped on the bed not so quietly right before going to bed.  All of them slept in their new robes.
Scott showed up bright and early again with the two little ones, because Nora got up at 5:30am.  It didn't take them long to wake up all of the girls.
Hannah was quite tired the next day and it took us almost all week to recover from that, but it was worth it.  She already told me that she wants to do the same thing again for her birthday next year.

Scott and I ran a 10k last Saturday.  Both of us were really happy with our results.  Scott has not ran since February, so it is quite impressive that he ran it in 52minutes.  I ran it in 46 minutes.
These two thought they were the winners

Hannah had another sleepover Saturday.  Evan and Nora enjoyed some ice cream while their sister was away.  I love a good ice cream face…..you can see the progression here.
Hannah got to enjoy some ice cream as well…..
We won a few "gifts of time" during Hannah's school auction and it was finally time for Hannah to enjoy those.  She got to have ice cream with her teacher and a friend and also chick fil a lunch with her Kindergarten teacher and a friend.  I didn't get a picture of the ice cream date, but here they are with their Kindergarten teacher at chick fil a.
I love these gifts of time.  What wonderful memories for the kids.  Hannah also got to be Principal for the day and that was just the icing on the cake.  She loved being in charge.  When I asked what her favorite part of that day was she said that she got to have cookie cake followed by carrying the walkie talkies and sitting in the rolling chair

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

3 Things

I have seen this idea on a few blogs and thought it sounded fun.  I am going to write 3 things about each member of our family today.

I am starting with the almost birthday girl Hannah (I can't believe she will be 7 tomorrow)

Hannah is becoming such an independent little girl.  While it is nice to see her get so independent and I am really enjoying her age and our conversations, it is also bittersweet, because it is a reminder of how big she is getting already.  Her and Evan have started fighting a lot more lately.  She is done putting up with his shenanigans.  The other day I got on to both of them again for fighting and Hannah said "That's how we entertain ourselves"

Hannah does not really like school that much.  She does great when she is there, but getting her ready in the mornings is always a struggle.  Maybe she just doesn't like to get up early and I don't blame her for that.  I love to see her grow and learn in school.  Hearing her read to me is amazing.  She loves math  and likes it when we give her math problems.  

Hannah is quite busy these days.  She is currently playing softball/t-ball for the first time and she is liking it a lot.  We were a little surprised that she likes it so much.  Hannah is also a Girls Scout (Daisy).  I am still helping out with her troop and have really enjoyed getting to know these little girls.  She still does gymnastics and horseback riding once a week.  I think horseback riding gives her a lot of confidence, which I love to see.

We let her have a coke at the Bentonville Film Festival and she thought she made it big time!

Up next is Evan

Evan just completed his first year of Mothers Day out.  He was not so sure about going for quite some time, but finally really liked it.  Drop offs were not easy for a long time, but he finally got over it.  He had wonderful teachers this year that made the classroom a fun learning environment.  He learned a lot during this school year.

Evan says the funniest things right now.  I love this age.  He caught a ladybug last week and we made a little habitat for it in a container.  We couldn't find the ladybug in the container and Evan said "Oh the ladybug is hiding, because she doesn't like kids"
One of our chickens has been in a broody mood (she sits on the eggs all day and thinks she is hatching an egg).  Evan goes out to check on her several times a day and comes back saying "Oh one chicken is still fused (confused) and trying to patch an egg"
He still loves to play firefighter.  The other day he was incorporating Hannah's princess wand into the game and he said "Please give me my firefighter wand"

Evan is still super busy and keeps us on our toes.  You never know what he is up to next, but he can also be the sweetest little boy.  He takes really good care of Nora and I love to watch him being nice to her.  He also has his moments where he is just being a jerk to his sisters.  He knows how to push their buttons and how to get them mad.  He will do that quite frequently.
Evan's health is good.  He is still on a hefty dose of blood pressure medication, but with that his blood pressure is under control.  His right kidney continues to shrink and has no function, but his left kidney is working beautifully.  We are so thankful for that!

And then there is Nora.  This hair best describes her personality.

Nora is a little tornado.  There is nothing her older siblings do that she won't try. She has no fear and loves to climb, jump and wrestle.  She loves the pool and will go down the slide by herself, jumps off the side and lays on her back in the pool and puts her head under water.  She will play in water any chance she gets.  Evan turns on the faucet for her outside and she will be soaked in 2 seconds.  Those two are trouble together.
Nora is a little pack rat.  She just stuffs things into bags, strollers, pots and pans, shopping carts ect…..you never know where you will find things.  If I am missing something it will probably take days or weeks for it to turn up again.  This is what she packs when you tell her we are going somewhere.
I hope she doesn't turn into a hoarder

I can't believe you are 1 1/2 years old already.  You are not a baby anymore even though we still call you that.  You have quite a few words now and are a pretty good communicator.  You make it pretty clear what you want and what you don't want/like.  You are still a very good eater and eat just about anything.  I think you have most of your teeth.  I don't dare try to look into your mouth, because you don't like that and will bite.  You are a feisty little one and don't put up with anything.  Sometimes I feel like you are acting like a three year old. You are going to give us a run for our money.
But look at that face:)

I asked Scott if I can write three things about him and what he has been up to.  His answer was "being handsome".  So, there you have Scott's number ONE.  Scott being Scott.

Scott has been working really hard to get healthy and change his eating habits.  He has lost a lot of weight by changing some things and working out hard.  We have cut out a lot of carbs and replaced them with zucchini noodles and cauliflower rice and I would have never thought that Scott likes that.  He still plays softball and enjoys that.  Some of you might be wondering how Scott's recovery from GBS is going and you would never know that he still has pain in his feet and that they are constantly numb and asleep.  He never complains about that and is still as active as ever.

Scott is an amazing dad to our three kids.  I could never do this without him.  He spends a lot of time with them and they play some very interesting made up games such as "burrito", "statue" and "dungeon".  Essentially they are all the same games and they chase each other.  The kids love playing these games.  I am slowly losing Nora to Scott too…..she was the only kid that still cared if I was around or not, but now she is all about daddy too.  

And last but not least what have I been up to.

I am still involved in the Color of Hope Gala benefiting the Children's hospital.  The gala is in August, so we are in full swing right now.  The hospital announced last year that they are finally building a campus here in Northwest Arkansas, so it is an exciting time and a big year for the gala.  I love being a part of such an important event.  It is a lot of work and asking people for donations isn't exactly my strong point, but I like I doing for such important cause.

I still enjoy working out a lot.  I get up at 5:30am most mornings to get my workout in before everybody is up.  I love working out at home, it saves so much time and I love just popping in a DVD and they tell me what I need to do versus coming up with my own workout at 5:30am in the mornings. I also really like cooking and making most things from scratch.  I am excited to see what our garden will produce this year.  Scott and I eat pretty clean, but the kids on the other hand could use some improvement. I tried to give up diet coke a few months ago and I was doing pretty good even though it was never easy for me.  Slowly I started to let myself have one a week, then two a week and you know how that story goes…...

We are gearing up to take the family to Germany in a few weeks.  We have not seen my parents since last summer and this is the longest I have ever gone without seeing them.  It is time to go and we are all ready.  Hannah suggested that we pack our suitcase now.  We will be there for my brothers wedding and we can't wait to have Vera part of the family.  It has been a little tough for me to be so far away.