Monday, May 14, 2018

Leading up to summer

I feel like the weather here went from a cool Spring to hot Summer overnight.  I am not complaining at all.  I like it hot.  Ok, I will probably complain once it gets to the 90's and you can't step a foot out the door without breaking into a sweat.  But for now we are enjoying the nice hot weather.  The Pool is open and we have enjoyed some swimming days.  

The month of May always seems busy.  Lots of things to wrap up at school, finishing Spring sports and trying to cross as many things off to do lists before summer break.  

We have found a new favorite afternoon snack that all the kids love.  Homemade crepes.  
Favorites are ham and cheese or Nutella

I took all three kids to the dentist at the same time.  I wasn't sure if that was a great idea, but it worked out great.
All of them got to pick a little toy for being cavity free and Evan ended up with this mustache.

Hannah went to Girl Scout Survivor Camp and loved it.  She loves being out there.  They stayed in tents, learned about shelter building and fire making and just had a great time.  I am still amazed that she loves it out there.......if she sees the tiniest Spider at home she starts screaming.

Hannah's troop decided to donate part of their cookie proceeds to Cobblestone Farms, so we went for a visit last week.
We toured the Greenhouse and got to help plant some seeds.  
The girls each also got to harvest a radish.

Evan went on an ice cream Field trip with his teacher.  He was so excited for no nap Friday.

Nora and Evan were looking at his calendar one morning (he has a calendar leading up to summer and he crosses off each day in the mornings).  She came running to me and said "I am done teaching Evan, he is doing good on his calendar".

We were also taking about my upcoming birthday and she said "You are going to be 3 like me"

Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday Favorites

We are counting down the days until Summer Break.  The last few weeks of school are tough.  The weather is nice, the days are longer and it is so hard to get the kids to bed at a decent time.  The pool is open and we are ready to enjoy our summer.

I am looking back on some of my favorites from the last month.  Hard to believe that these pictures were only a few weeks back.  It was cold!
We went to Dogwood Canyon and it was freezing out. My mom was here for a nice visit.

We did the Dogwood Scavenger Hunt this time and it was a lot of fun

We also had a fun delayed Easter Egg Hunt at Matt and Casey's house.
Look at all of those kids.
My mom was here on my dad's birthday, so we went to celebrate it at Shogun's.  We did tell them that we are celebrating somebody's birthday, so we got an ice cream sundae.

We took some pictures on my moms last day here.

The Amazeum had  life size Mousetrap there for a week.  Our kids love that game, so we made sure to visit that.  I took Hannah out of school for a couple of hours to go to one of the morning performances.
Evan was studying the contraption very closely.

Nora looked pretty cute in the Astronaut costume.

We went to Atlanta Bread Company on a Sunday and they have a face painter there.  Look who we found in her book......
And the results from that day....Hannah chose a balloon animal instead and I didn't get a picture of that.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Favorites from the last month

I am still catching up on some of our favorite happenings over the last month.

During Spring Break we headed up to Wichita, KS to watch the second round of the NCAA tournament.  We watched KU play (it's been so long ago that I don't even remember who they played. Ha).  We walked around before the game and decided to stop at a hotel bar to get a drink and some appetizers.  We didn't realize it was the hotel the KU players were staying at until we heard a lot of commotion.  They were leaving the hotel to head to the game.  The kids thought that was pretty cool (including the big kid......I mean Scott).

 Nora was cheering the entire time
We took the tram to the game and the kids loved it

Nora was more interested in the cheerleaders and stood up on my knees and copied their moves.  Hannah gets really into the game and Evan is interested for a while and then focuses on something else.

Family picture at the game

We also hit up the Children's museum in Wichita and all enjoyed it

Easter was rainy this year, so we had to do the hunt inside.  Everybody got a sleeping bag from the easter bunny.....

Matta nd Casey hosted another Easter egg hunt the following weekend.  It was still cold out, but not raining.

Hannah's school hosted the annual Spring Fling dance and this years theme was 80's.
So fun

We had a really nice day out a few weeks ago and Nora asked if we can go swim.  Not quite there yet.  Then they asked if they can have their summer snack.  We have a lot of summer sausage, cheese and crackers by the pool in the summer.  Luckily I still had some frozen summer sausage, so we got to celebrate the nice day with our summer snack.  And then it snowed a few days later. Ha.

Hannah wanted to play pretend wedding.  Evan reluctantly agreed (I am sure Hannah bribed him with something......she probably promised him a game of Monopoly of he did this)

We were outside the other day and I saw that Evan was licking the sidewalk chalk.  I said to him "You are crazy.  You won't even touch a green bean, but you are out here eating chalk".  His response was "Chalk is made out of green beans?".  Haha!
Crazy kid.

We keep a shower cap around, because Hannah doesn't want the pink color in her hair to wash out so quickly.  Nora got a hold of it too.

Nora learned how to ride a bike over the last couple of weeks.  She is really proud of herself (and she should be).  She likes to show it off.

It's amazing how much quicker the third child learns things just from watching the older siblings.

We broke to the giant Jenga game for the first time.  It is a lot of fun.

We are ready for summer and lots of outside time.