Monday, January 24, 2011

Basketball Game

One evening my dad was able to get tickets to the Bonn Baskets Basketball game against the Frankfurt Skyliners.  By the time we went to the game Scott knew all of the players (a lot of Americans) and all of the stats.  He likes to do his research :)  I was really surprised how big the arena is (about 6,ooo people) and that it was sold out.  The atmosphere was really fun and we witnessed a really good and close came down to the last few seconds and Bonn ended up winning.
My dad, my brother, Scott and I went to the game and Hannah stayed home with Oma.  We had a great time at the game.

Enjoying a glas of prosecco before the game

All of the kids at the game were wearing ear protectors, because it was pretty loud in the arena.  I have been thinking about getting some for Hannah, because we take her everywhere with us (fottball games, basketball games etc) and I have thought a few times that it is a little loud for her.  So, I ended up buying her some Bonn Baskets ear protectors (good thing their color is pink......actually it is the Telekom Magenta)

I was going to add more pictures, but I am out of free storage space.  It looks like I will need to purchase more space. 

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