Thursday, March 31, 2011

22 Months Old

Dear Hannah,
You will be 22 months old tomorrow.  Just two months short of your second Birthday.  Time has just flown by....even though some days seem like they go on forever :)  You are a very sweet, loving and funny child.  You bring smiles and laughter to our life every day and I cherish every moment I get with you.  Even on the tough days I am so thankful to be able to spend my time with you (I just need to drink a glass of wine on those days. Ha!).
I do feel like we may be entering the "terrible twos".  You have thrown a few more tantrums lately when you don't get what you want.  Thank goodness your tantrums are still very short lived.  So far I never felt like I had to discipline you much, you were always a good listener, but now I feel like I need to be a little stricter with you.  I think this is going to be harder on me than on you :) 
 Don't let this sweet face fool you.....she can throw a nice tantrum!

You love to play with Mr Potatoe Head and you think you are pretty funny.
You really like the mommy and me dance class we go to.  You are starting to learn some of the french ballet terms.  You can do a Plie, Arabesque, Tendu, Saute, Chasse.....then you can also kick and spin around.  It is so cute to watch you copy all of the moves. I am sad that we will miss the recital this summer, because I think you would really like it.  You like to put on your dance costume all the time.....I had to hide it!
We were driving in the car the other day and a  firetruck came up behind us with the sirens on.  I pulled over to let the firetruck pass us and as the truck is passing us you say "oh oh".  It was really funny!  When we leave the playground you always turn around and say "bye bye toys".  I love how you are communicating better and putting more than one word together.
We have discovered that you really like to eat salmon.  I am so happy.  You are still a really good eater (you love to eat), except for vegetables.  You will eat them one day and then spit them out the next.  We all had our first YumYo's experience the other night.  You really enjoyed the frozen yoghurt. 

I think you could play in the car for hours.  Every time we go somewhere you want to play in the car and you always hold up one finger and say "einmal" meaning you want to play in the car one more time.  You really like the garage door opener.

You really enjoy spending time with your daddy.  Here you guys are building a fort and reading some books.

You are a wonderful little girl and I am so proud to be your mom!

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  1. She is ADORABLE! I think my Hannah is entering "terrible twos" as well... but she's only 14 months ha!