Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hannah's Birthday Party (Part 3)

I have so many posts to better get ready for a blog post overload.  I may even get crazy and do two in one day :)  First I am still finishing up Hannah's birthday, then we have recital and musical, vacation, the house....
We had another wonderful birthday celebration for Hannah at our house.  We had some friends and family over for appetizers, cake and drinks and lots of lawn games. Such a great way to end our week of birthday celebrations!
The fabulous cake
Party Favor....
Drink Table
Center Pieces
Hannah stripped down to get into the pool and soon after that she decided the diaper was a little too heavy and took that off too.....she has now done that a few times.  I let her play in her water table while I was watering our flowers and I turn around to find her standing in the water table naked. 
This girl can play outside for hours
I think Hannah was a little bummed when all of the birthday celebrations were over.  She enjoys having people around and she enjoyed opening all of the wonderful gifts.  She has been playing with  lots of new toys.

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