Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lake Fun and The Voice Competition

We have had several wonderful evenings out on the lake.  My favorite time is to go in the evening, because it is not as hot and busy anymore.  We like to go out around 4:30pm, swim and surf for a while and then stop at Tony C's Italian restaurant on the way home.  That is a perfect afternoon/evening to me!  Hannah really likes to go out on the boat and swim.  She says "boat fun" all the time.
She likes to watch us surf and then she really wants to get on the surf board as well!
Watching daddy surf

Scott and I really enjoyed The Voice.  We had our own competition and "drafted" teams. We got 1 point per singer that made it past the first round, 2 points for the next round and so on.   I was really happy with my team, but I did not win our competition even though I had the winner Javier Colon and Dia Frampton on my team.  So, I have to take Scott out to a dinner of his choice (we are going to Red Lobster on Friday).  The show is so good and having our own competition only added to the fun of watching the show.

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