Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Little Bit Of This And That

This is going to be a little bit of a random post.  I am going through pictures from the last month and posting on everything I haven't talked about yet. 
Scott and I went on a few date nights last month, which were a lot of fun.  First was our night out at the Cancer Challenge charity event.  This has always been one of my favorites to attend.  All the proceeds go to local charities.  I don't know anybody that has not been touched by this disease, so it means so much to so many people.  I volunteered for the first time this year and I hope to continue to do that and maybe even play a bigger role in this event further down the road.  Scott's parents came in for this event and the guys played in the golf tournament.
All cleaned up ....I get very excited to get dressed up these days!
Scott and I with Casey
The next night we went out to a wine tasting at the Jackson House downtown (I know it's crazy that we went out two nights in a row).  This was also a really fun night.  We tasted lots of good wines that were paired with appetizers.  We also learned a lot about the different wines. Thank you Jenny and Dave for inviting us.
We also attended the First Friday event at the downtown square.  It was a really hot night, so we didn't stay that long.
I love it when little kids hold hands....
Hannah and Simon
Hannah and Simon on a pony ride (my camera was on the wrong setting, so most of the pictures are blurry)

Now on to a few things Hannah has been up to lately.  She amazes me every day.  She is starting to talk a lot.  She still mixes German and English, but I think that she will soon figure out when to use which language.  She still loves to carry a purse around everywhere we go.  The purse has all of her important belongings such as sunglasses, cell phone, pill box., crayons, jewelry box and a spoon in it. 
Hannah really likes to sing.  She makes up songs all the time, but her favorite is "Twinkle twinkle little star".  She makes up some of her own words, but she has the right melody.  She also sings "skype" instead of sky.  That makes me laugh every time. 
We have several pictures of the Cologne cathedral (Dom) in our house.  Hannah walks around pointing at all of them telling me it is the "Dom".  We stayed with Megan and Barry one night last week and they have a big picture of the cathedral in their house and Hannah pointed to it and said "Dom".  I was surprised that she recognized the cathedral outside of our house.  This makes me smile.
Hannah has a Mickey Mouse wash cloth that she uses as a blankie.  She has never been attached to anything (stuffed animals, blankets etc), but she shows a little bit of signs of attachment to this wash cloth.  She has it in her bed at night time. 
Hannah also really likes to change the diaper on her baby dolls.  They have to get changed several times a day.  She also says "baby potty" and takes the doll up to her bathroom where we have the little potty and she sets the baby on it.  But she still doesn't want to go on the potty.  I guess this is the first sign of some interest in it.  When I ask her if she has to go on the potty she just says "no baby potty".
I told you this was going to be random.

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