Saturday, July 23, 2011

Trip to Iowa

On the way up to Iowa we spent a night in Kansas City and a night in Lincoln.  It was nice to break up the drive, but it also felt like a lot longer of a trip when you break it up twice.  We saw Allison and Josh in Kansas City and stayed the night with Megan and Barry and Charlie in Lincoln.  Hannah loved to play with Charlie......I know that she is going to try and convince us that we need a dog :).  When we got to Iowa we spent a night in Sheldon with grandma and grandpa before heading out to the lake for the triathlon.
Granpa Irv's backyard is beautiful

Hannah loves grandma's cats too.....poor animals are always ready for us to leave :)
Where did the cat go?
Bye bye
For some reason I am the only one looking at the camera.
Grandpa did "the claw" to Hannah and she thought it was pretty funny.  After we got home from the trip I asked Hannah if she had fun with grandma and grandpa and she said "grandpa Irv claw" and "grandpa funny" and then she tries to do the claw. 
Here she is probably wondering where the cat went again....
Hannah painted her nails for the first time with grandma and she played in her make up bag....
One foot done.  Look at those cute toes (they have a little mascara on them too)
She has concealer on her lips
We spent several days out on the lake and had a great time.  Hannah was not feeling the greatest, but we made the best out of it.  She had a fever for a few days, which was not a lot of fun in 98 degree weather!  After a few days she was a little better and we took the boat out.  Grandpa let Hannah drive for a bit!
Checking out the water with grandma.
Lake Okoboji is a very busy lake, but Sunday evening was perfect.  We headed over to Arnold's Park and had some ice cream and then cruised along the shore to admire all the beautiful homes.

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