Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our Time In Germany (Part 1)

When we first got to Germany we had wonderful summer weather for a few days before it got cold.  We rode our bike to "the beach" in Rodenkirchen.  There were a lot of people, dogs and kids out enjoying the nice weather, grilling out and swimming.

We went on a little field trip and my dad and brother took this car for a spin
Unfortunately I was not able to go for a ride with the top down, because I had a bad eye infection
Me and my brother

By the time Scott got to Germany the weather had really cooled off.  We went to a little farmstead to pet the animals and play on the playground.  It was really windy and cold that day.
Swings are always Hannah's favorite

This was a really cute place and I look forward to going back when it is not so cold.
They also have a little produce store.  Hannah saw another kid pushing a little shopping cart and she really wanted one, but there was not one available.  She was a little upset, so we waited by the check-out to snag one.  She was so happy when we finally got one and took off.
She was going really fast and tipped it over at some point and all of our purchases were spread out on the ground right by the petting zoo (we had to wash our produce extra good that time)
We took Hannah into the city to go to the top of the cathedral for the first time.  It is 536 narrow steps!  She walked for a while, but we had to carry her for a good portion.  She did great on the way down though.
The bells are the half way point
Almost there
We made it
Hannah took this picture of us
After going up the cathedral we deserved some ice cream
Hannah learned a lot of Germany while we were there.  She still mixes the languages, but she is speaking almost only German to me now.  Here are a few of my favorite things she has been saying.
I go unten spielen (She wants to play downstairs)
I go Arzt gehen. Aua Finger (She has to go to the Dr.  She has ouchie on her finger)
I don't want Muetze (She doesnt want her hat)
More Zuepfen (She wants more Pfuetzen/Puddles)
Wie geht's you (How are you)
Nuesse kacken
Pahnatz is Zahnpasta (toothpaste)
Oma schlaeft. Opa Sessel ausruhen.

It was foggy out the other day and Hannah said "Brauche Brille. Can't see" (She needs glasses).

When the sun goes down we tell her that itis going night night and the moon wakes up.  We were driving the other day when the sun was going down and Hannah said "Sonne go schlafen.  Sonne putze Zaehne" (Sun is going to sleep and has to brush its teeth).  "Mond wake up.  Muesli essen" (Moon is waking up and eating cereal). 

Hannah was reading a book to us and after every page she turned it around for me and Scott to see and said "Look".  I am pretty sure this is what her teacher at school does.

Hannah has been telling us that she will nap tomorrow for a few days now.  Pretty smart!
Last few pictures of Scott and Hannah eating some of my grandmothers "Frikadellen"

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