Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Belly Update

I haven't updated since week 22, so I thought I would post a few pictures of the growing belly.  I am still not feeling well and I have given up on hope that the nausea will go away.  It is still constant, but I have a few more hours in the day where it is more bearable or I am just so used to it that I don't feel like it is so bad anymore (after 22 weeks of nausea you kind of get used to everything).  I feel like all I do is complain right now.  I need to do a better job at putting things in perspective.  The reason I am not feeling well is truly wonderful and a miracle, there are so many people out there that are suffering from horrible diseases, devastating storms or tragic life events. 

Week 23

Week 24
Week 25
Week 26
Week 28
We have been working on the nursery and I am excited to get it completed soon.  I just want to have it done.  We still don't have a name.  Hannah is really excited about becoming a big sister.  She talks a lot about baby Pickles and Tomato.  She wants to paint his toe nails!

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