Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dear Hannah

You have been an awesome big sister!  I know your life has been turned upside down too, but you are handling it so well.  I am very proud of you and you are a very proud big sister.  You like to show off your little brother to everybody and you refer to yourself as "big sister" now and not Hannah.  You like to help me take care of baby Evan.  Sometimes you are a little too much help, because you like to do everything by yourself.  I can't leave you two alone yet even if I just have to go to the bathroom.  You know that you are not allowed to pick him up on your own, but I can't quite trust you yet.  I learned this, because I caught you trying to pick up your brother and as soon as you saw me and knew you were caught you dropped him.  Thankfully you were on your bed and you had just tried to put him on your lap.  You have not shown any signs of jealousy yet and I really hope that will stay this way.  You did get mad at him the other day, because he didn't play with you.  Soon enough he will be able to play with you and I am sure by then you wish that he was just laying around and not play with your toys:).
You will always be my little baby even though you have grown up overnight since Evan has been born.  You just seem so big now.  I miss my one on one time with you and I quite often feel guilty for not having a lot of quality time with you, but you have been a champ about it.  Thankfully you and your daddy have become best buddies and hang out a lot.  I asked if you wanted to go to the mall with just mommy to pick out some shoes for aunt Allison's wedding, but you said "how about daddy and Evan come too".  So, I think it is harder on me not o have the one on one time than on you.  You are such a sweet and funny little girl and I can't fathom that you will be four years old in a few months.  You still love to play doctor thanks to Doc McStuffins and you like to give Evan a check up.  The other day you said "I have a diagnosis.  You have spitosis" is very true that your brother spits up a lot!

Seeing the two of you together just melts my heart.  
You have been fascinated with your bible stories.  You want to read them all the time.  You told me the other day that you would like to be a doctor first, but then you would like to be an angel when you grow up.  You said "Mom can you please ask God to send me an angel costume?  He can put it in a backpack and then drop it down from the sky.  Can he get one for Evan too?".  Then you asked to go outside to talk to God and ask him for an angel costume.  We did go outside and you stood on the front steps with your eyes closed and talked to God and asked him to drop down an angel costume for you and a boy one for your brother. We walked back inside and you asked why he hasn't dropped it down yet.  Then you said "God is in your heart".  

Daddy was out of town last week and you got to spend the night with me.  You brought about 15 animals in bed with you.

We also had some fun with shaving cream

I love you to the moon and back and I am very proud of you!

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