Monday, March 18, 2013

Guess Who Is Two Months Old????

Sweet baby Evan is already two months old.  We have settled into a routine at home and I am finally able to relax a little more and just enjoy my baby boy.  I still have my moments where I get very anxious (it really stresses me out when he cries), but overall I am feeling really good.  He just acts and looks like a normal baby.  He has gained so much weight and is a little chunk now.  You would never know by looking at him that he spent almost a month in the ICU.  He is still on two blood pressure medications, Prevacid for reflux and baby aspirin for the blood clot.  We have a big follow up appointment on Thursday with Nephrology to check his kidneys.  They will do another renal ultrasound and we hope that his kidney function is back to normal and that the blood clot has completely resolved.  We go to see the cardiologist again in April.  We still have weekly pediatrician appointments to check his blood pressure and it has been looking good (except for one week, but I think we just didn't get an accurate reading).  We were supposed to get his weight checked every week too, but clearly that is not a concern anymore.  He has been gaining weight like a champ.  He was 12lbs 5oz last week and we go in on Thursday for his official two months check up.  He will get his first round of shots then.  That should be a piece of cake after everything he has been through:).

He is a sweet little boy that likes to be held all the time.  He sleeps good in his bassinet at night, but I can't put him down during the day.  As soon as I put him down he will wake up.  He also likes to sleep in the Ergo carrier.

He started to smile a couple of weeks ago, which is just the sweetest thing.  It just melts my heart when I know he is reacting to  my voice.  His big sister gets really excited when she can make him smile or laugh.  He is making a lot more "talking" sounds too.

His reflux does not seem to bother him.  He spits up and goes on about his business.  It just means a lot of laundry for me.  We go through at least 3-5 outfits every day, 5-7 burp rags, 1-2 blankets, 1-2 sleepers and sleep sacks plus all of my clothes.

We are just so thankful to be home with our little miracle boy and be able to "celebrate" his two months birthday!

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  1. Hey he is looking good. Luke had reflux when he was smaller. To the point of losing weight. He would not take the medicine. So I decided to just give him smaller doses of food just more frequently. It was harder to do, but he did much better. A lot less reflux. Thought I would just share that information. Don't know if that will work for Evan or not.....
    Margaret...see you guys in a few days!!