Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday Randoms

I still have a lot of pictures that don't have a "home" yet, so here goes a random post. 

-We took the boat out for the first time back in June.  Evan really enjoyed his first boat ride and went to sleep.  Hannah all of a sudden doesn't like the boat and lake water anymore.  We will have to work on that.
-Hannah tubed for the first time, but she was not a huge fan

-Hannah attended Princess camp before we left on our trip to Germany.  She had a blast.  They danced, played, did some crafts, had snacks and learned princess manners.  Hannah has actually utilized some of those manners.  Just last night at dinner she put her napkin on her lap and said that's what princesses do!
First day of Princess Camp
Second day
-I got Scott some awesome KU cake pops for Father's day that my friend Mary from Mary's Little Sweets made.  They tasted as good as they looked.
-I just love this little face.  He is enjoying some solids.  He really likes to be a part of the family and sit at the dinner table.

-Hannah loves to walk down to the Crepe food truck for lunch.  She can almost eat the entire crepe by herself! Evan enjoyed our walk down there too.

-We took Hannah's training wheels off a few days ago, but haven't had a lot of time to practice yet.  I am thinking we need to switch to the balance bike again for a while until she feels more comfortable.
-We saw these really cute shoe cupcakes on Pinterest and tried to make those.  Two things to note: 1) I am clearly not a baker and 2) I am also not a food photographer (I am sure somebody else could have made these look a lot better with better photography). We had fun making them.

According to Hannah everything is better with sprinkles
The finished product

-Evan is getting so much better at sitting up and he loves the jumper

Well this is enough randomness for one day

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