Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Midweek Randoms

Here we go again.  A lot of random things.

-Hannah has been working hard on swimming this year and she is doing so good.  She can make it the entire length of the pool now.  She loves to swim and wants to practice all the time.  Most of the time she doesn't wear her floaties anymore.  She is very comfortable in the water.

-We have weaned Evan off his last blood pressure medication over the last two weeks.  We had a blood pressure check last week and it was high (the first one after being completely off medication) and I was so disappointed.  I was a little nervous, but I know that one reading doesn't mean a lot.  We need to see the trend.  We went back the next day to get it checked and it was normal again.
He is getting so big and is sitting all by himself now

-Hannah and I baked some more fun cupcakes.  Hannah received this fun cupcake book from Scott and LIsa for her birthday and she loves to read it and wants to make all of the cupcakes.  We are starting with some of the easy ones.

How about some spaghetti and meatballs?

We had a lot of fun making them and they tasted really good.  The only problem is that we were not patient enough and put on the spaghetti frosting when the cupcakes were still a little warm and our spaghetti started melting:)

-I have been blogging for three years now.  I am getting ready to print our third book.  I am so happy that I have kept up with the blog.  We love to go through the blog books and read about all of the things we have done.  I would not remember half of Hannah's life if it wasn't for the blog.

-Hannah moved her piano on the front porch last week and was making music and singing for everybody.  Then she went inside and came back with two cups that she put out for money:).  She was a little disappointed that nobody stopped!

-We went up to Kansas City last weekend to visit cousin Bennett and Smith.  Hannah loves to spend tie with her cousins.  We went swimming and Smith went down the slide with Hannah.
-We stopped for a cupcake treat the other day and let Hannah eat it in the car.  Surprisingly she didn't get her entire carseat dirty.

-Rumor has it that Drew Barrymore bought a property in downtown Bentonville.  So, we are practically neighbors now.  Welcome to the hood!

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