Sunday, August 16, 2015

Special Moments

We experienced some special moments last weekend during the Will Golf 4 Kids tournament and Color of Hope Gala.  Both of these events benefit the Arkansas Children's Hospital and as you know that hospital is near and dear to our hearts.  These events raised over $890k this year for the hospital.  In the past few years a lot of that money has gone towards the new Angel One helicopters needed.  The two new helicopters recently arrived and they brought one of them to the golf tournament.  I decided to take Evan and Nora to see the helicopter (and Scott was playing in the tournament at the time).

Seeing the Angel One helicopter brings back a lot of emotions, but also so much gratitude.  They save so many lives around our state every day!  They had brought a few of the pilots and medical attendants.  As soon as I saw one of them I knew it was the medical attendant that flew with Evan.  I will never forget his face.  Thank you Ray for what you do.  It was a very special moment and Ray asked if he could take a picture with us.  He said it is just as special to him to see one of his former patients doing so well now.

This picture is very special to me
Look how beautiful this new red helicopter is......these are very specialized and expensive helicopters.  They can transport ECMO patients, which is pretty rare.  They come to NWA an average of 5 times a week!

Friday evening we attended the Color of Hope gala.  I have served on the silent auction committee the last two years and I am very proud to be a part of this exciting event.
Everything was beautiful and the auction raised a record amount this year!

Another special moment was the announcement that ACH will be building a new hospital here in NWA.  That is amazing news.  The land was donated by two very special families!

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