Tuesday, October 18, 2016

More Fall Fun

We have been having some more Fall Fun.  I took the kids to the Pumpkin Patch last weekend and it was over 80 degrees out.  It did not feel like Fall.  The kids had fun climbing hay bales, riding the Mule train and playing on the playground.

This is as good as it gets with three

The corn pit was a favorite too
The sun was a little bright
My little piggies…..how fitting
Hannah has been coming to this pumpkin patch since she was a baby.  I like seeing these pictures every year.

Every morning I ask the kids what they would like for breakfast (they know their choices) and a lot of times the will say ice cream or candy.  Well, on Saturday morning when they said ice cream I told them sure they can have it.  You should have seen their faces.  I pulled out a tub of ice cream with three spoons and let them have ice cream for breakfast.  It was the highlight of their day and Hannah told everybody about it.

While Nora naps I usually try to play something fun with Evan.  I asked him last week what he wants to play (he usually wants to play firefighter or build a fort) and he said he wanted to play salon.  It is one of Hannah's favorite games.  So, we played salon and took some selfies.
Evan did my make up and hair
Then it was my turn to do his hair
The things we do for our kids and the things a little boy with a big sister wants to play…….

We planted a bunch of tulips this weekend.  Evan asked if he could help with the seeds.  I told him that we are actually going to plant bulbs.  While we were planting he kept asking me if I need another light bulb:)

We went to our annual pumpkin decoration get together at the McElroy's last weekend.  It is always so much fun.  
Dan was nice enough to help some of the kids carve a pumpkin.  
When it was Evan's turn he asked what Evan wanted carved and he said "a ghost chasing a little boy".  
Well, Dan delivered.  I was quite impressed.
Here you have a carved pumpkin with a ghost chasing a little boy
Hannah and Nora's pumpkins

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