Friday, August 27, 2010

It's me......Katrin!

Hello friends and family!
I have decided to start a blog, so that everybody can keep up with our lives. This is a great way for my family across the pond to stay in touch as well.  I am not sure how often I will get to update. I guess it depends on how interesting our lives get. 
Here is a recap of 2010 so far: As most of you know I resigned from my job back in January to stay home with our now almost 15 months old daughter Hannah.  I am truly thankful for this oportunity and I enjoy spending every day with  my favorite girl!  We were fortunate to spend January-March in Germany with my family.  It was a really cold winter, but we had a great time and enjoyed having family close.  Let me tell you it is hard to have a little one with no family close.  It is hard on the family (especially the grandmas) and the parents.  I may still be a little parnoid, but I don't trust a lot of people with my baby!  I would prefer grandmas or aunts and uncles (probably more the aunts than uncles) to watch our baby girl.  Since our return from Germany we have been busy going to playgroups, visiting the library, reading books, playing, learning new things every day, celebrating the first birthday, training for a triathlon, visiting family, going to the gym, taking the boat out and going to the park.  Life with a toddler never gets boring.  We had a great visit from my parents in July and Scott and I were able to go to Mexico to our friends wedding while Hannah stayed with "Oma" and "Opa".

Now we are ready for Fall and some cooler weather and football season to start (I know Scott is).

 I leave you with a picture of our little family!


  1. Yay! So glad you created a blog! I am looking forward to keeping up with the 'klubines!' I added you to the blogs I follow so I won't miss any exciting updates ;-) can't wait to see you guys in October! Love you!

  2. Wow! This is really cute and so much fun to read.