Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boston and Maine vacation

We had a great week in Boston and Maine for Matt and Casey's wedding.  My brother met us in Boston and we spent the week together.  Despite Earl we had beautiful weather and enjoyed our little vacation.  We stopped in Kennebunk Port on our way to Brunswick, Maine and enjoyed lunch at the Lobster Shack.  I love exploring little towns like that.  They always have the cutest boutiques. Scott got Hannah a rainjacket with ladybugs on it at one of those shops.  We looked for George Bush's house, but did not find it :)
My brother and Hannah
We spent the afternoon at Matt's parents house for a Lobster Feast.  We had a great time seeing everybody and enjoyed the fresh Lobster.  My brother made it his personal goal to have seafood for every meal during the entire trip (he even had a Lobster Roll for breakfast one day).
The next day we went to the Giant Steps, Land's End and Portland Headllight.  I love being by the ocean.  The sight and sound of water automatically puts me in a good mood. 
One of the most photographed lighthouses
This is one of my favorite pictures!
We managed to get quite a few family pictures, which is rare!
This is turning into a really long post, so I will finish up our vacation with another post soon!


  1. Ever since Spring Break senior year when we went to the Bahammas, I always think of you when I see lighthouses--I remember you loved them!

  2. Great pics, Katrin! I'm glad you had a nice vacation.