Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top Chef

Scott and I have really started to enjoy the show Top Chef.   Season 7 just wrapped up and we are ready for the next season to start.  It is a perfect mix of competition and reality drama.  One of the Quickfire challenges was to create a meal for Schwan's.  We were really excited for this challenge, because the Schwan's man has become our new best friend (I have found some really great healthy options).  So, we finally had Ed's Gnochis tonight and they were really good.  We went to Las Vegas last weekend and ate at 2 Top Chef contestants restaurants.  We got to meet both of them.  We met Stephen from season 7 and he was really nice (and short).  We chatted with him for a while and asked him about the audition process, the other contestants and the pea puree (there was some drama about stolen pea puree this seaoson).  He is the Executive Chef at Seablue at the MGM.  We also ate at RM Seafood, which is owned by Rick Moonen, who was on Top Chef Masters.  He also happened to be at the restaurant when we were there.  We didn't know much about him, so we only said hi.  I am kinda bummed that I didn't take a picture with Stephen.  I guess what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!
So, now Scott and I have decided to do our own Top Chef competition.  We will each have to cook a meal the day before Thanksgiving and the family has to judge it.  We are still working on all of the rules (and yes we will have them in writing), but it looks like we will have to draw a protein out of a hat that we have to prepare and a few other ingredients that we have to incorporate into the dish.  We will also have to draw a Sous Chef out of a hat.  We will then have a budget for grocery shopping and a time limit.  The family is not allowed to watch us cook, so they don't know who made what dish.   The pressure is on......Scott is not a cook at all, but he is so competitive and for some reason he always seems to win at everything no matter what it is.  I will keep you posted on our own Top Chef challenge.
I will talk a little more about our Vegas trip tomorrow.
Have a great evening.

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