Monday, November 1, 2010

Busy Sunday

We decided last week to drive up to Kansas City this weekend to go to the Chiefs game.  We had an early start on Sunday and got on the road to get to KC in time for some tailgating.  It was a little colder outside than we expected, but we still enjoyed tailgating before going into the game.  This was Hannah's first Chiefs game and she enjoyed the entire experience.

Tailgating with daddy

Dancing to the music
Hannah enjoyed all of the excitment inside the stadium.  She was laughing, cheering, clapping and yelling when it got loud in the stadium.  We had great seats and we were lucky that the seat next to us was open.

All of this excitement was a little much and Hannah fell asleep during the 4th quarter and overtime (when it was the loudest in the stadium).  Good thing Hannah got some rest, because we still had an evening of trick or treating ahead of us.
After the game we headed over to Brian and Kerri's house.  Hannah always loves to visit their house, because they have cats and dogs.  She reallly enjoys chasing them around the house.  Hannah and cousin Bennett went trick or treating for the first time.  It was really hard to get a picture of the two of them toghether.  They are always on the move. Aunt Allison came over as well to join in on the fun.
  Hannah really enjoyed going from house to house. 
She had to stop and look in her bucket all the time.  She had to look into other kids buckets too :)  I don't think she realized that she had candy in her bucket or I am sure she would have wanted some of it right away. 

Cousin Bennett
Enjoying a piece of chocolate with cousin Bennett
After we got back to the house Hannah ran to the door every time the door bell rang.  She enjoyed giving out candy to the other trick or treaters.  After the kids left she put her hand out and wanted candy for her bucket!
We had a long and busy day, but we enjoyed every minute of it.  It was great to see Brian, Kerri, Bennett and Allison.
I forgot to mention that the Chiefs pulled out a win!!!!!!!!!

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  1. So glad you guys were here for Halloween...I loved seeing Hannah and Bennett go trick-or-treating! Can't wait to see you guys at Thanksgiving!!