Sunday, November 21, 2010

Girls On The Run and Lighting On The Square

Yesterday morning our family of three participated in the Girls on the run 5k.  It was a great event benefiting a great cause.  I really like this race, because of all the little girls running and that sets such a good example.  There are a lot of fast little kids in Bentonville.  When we got to the race location we noticed that our jogging stroller has a flat tire, so we had to go to the nearby bike shop to get some air in the tires.  We got done right before the race started, but we had to start at the end of the lineup.  It is not easy fighting the crowd when you are running with  a stroller.
Before the race
After the race....Hannah looks pretty tired from the run :)
Hannah and Daddy are re-hydrating with an orange

In the evening we headed back donwtown for the lighting of the square.  Scott decided to have a little "pre-party" on the porch of our new house (since the house is not livable) before walking over there.  It was quite the sight!  I am sure our new neighbors are going to love us!

Matt just had eye surgery, so he was wearing sunglasses and Heman is growing a

Have a great week!

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