Sunday, November 7, 2010

Stroller Strides of NWA - Fitness For Mom, Fun For Baby

As some of you already know I am the Stroller Strides franchisee for the Bentonville/Rogers area. This sounded like the perfect fit for me.  I love to work out and help others get in shape while spending valuable time with my daughter and meeting other moms.   It has taken me a little longer to get the business set up than I planned and I have had my doubts on whether I made the right decision, but I do believe it is a great concept and I get really excited about the idea of it.  I am still trying to gauge interest.  So, if you live in the Bentonville/Rogers area let me know your thoughts.
I am planning on getting the classes set up for Spring 2011. Classes will be held at various Bentonville/Rogers parks.  Stroller Strides incorporates the environment, resistance tubing and the stroller to get an all-over body workout in 60 minutes.  You can read more about Stroller Strides HERE.


  1. I am VERY interested! I have friends that do Stroller Strides in Little Rock and just rave about it! Keep me posted!!!

  2. I'm also interested, depending on the cost. I'm excited for you!

  3. Hey! O.k.... So I'm VERY new at this blogging stuff lol! I have no idea how to just send you a message so I'm making a comment (which has nothing to do with your post ha!) I never know if I should just comment under my own comments,or go to other peoples page to comment??? can you enlighten me? I need to take a "How to" class lol! Anyways... about the bow, do you want to email me a pic of the outfit and we can discuss what type of bow you will want? My email is