Monday, November 29, 2010


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Barry and Megan's house in Lincoln, NE.  Thanks again for having us and all the wonderful food.  It was great to spend time with Scott's family.  Hannah loves all of the attention and she especially loved Charlie (Megan and Barry's dog).  Hannah did not leave Charlie out of her sight the entire time we were there.  She chased him around all day long and gave him lots of kisses.
We did not leave the house much, because it was really cold and I personally enjoyed being lazy.
 The kids played some games...
Hannah wanted to play as well
We played with some stickers.....
We also celebrated christmas with Scott's family ......
......and opened lots of gifts.  Hannah got excited every time somebody opened a gift.
How cute is the coat Hannah got from grandma (it is from London)??????
Hannah decided to use Brian and Kerri's new blender as a horsie
Saturday was another fantastic day.....the Seminoles finally beat the Gators!  It was about time.
Hannah wore her FSU outfit for the first time, so I like to think that had something to do with the win.  I think this outfit is so adorable (Hannah was too busy for me to take pictures though, but you can kinda see the FSU on her shirt)!
Hannah will wear this outfit again for the ACC Championship next Saturday!

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  1. Such a cute coat!! And, a cute outfit! But, I don't expect anything else! You have such a stylish child! ;)