Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Daddy's Girl Turns 18 Months

Dear Hannah,
You are one and a half years old today and you are the greatest baby in the world! I guess I should start to call you a toddler now, but you are always going to be my baby.  Your personality is developing more and more every day and you are a really funny girl.  You love to laugh, just not for the camera anymore.  You are really hard to catch on camera, because you are constantly on the move.
You did great for the camera a few weeks ago

You have become a true daddy's girl.  If daddy is home you follow him everywhere and you could care less if I was there or not.  I love the fact that you have such a strong bond with your daddy, but sometimes it is a little hard on me:).
You like cheese dip just like your daddy
You really like to dip your food
You still like to color a lot, but you would prefer a pen or a Sharpie.  You got a hold of a higlighter a few weeks ago and painted on a wall!
You like to help me in the kitchen and when I am cooking you get pots and pans out as well.  If I get you some ingredients you put them in your pot and stir them around.  You always get a measuring cup out and want to add water to your pot.  When the timer on the oven goes off you grab the oven mits and stand right by the oven and wait.  Very cute!

You are still refusing vegetables right now, so I have started to use babyfood again and mix it in with your food.  You really liked grapes last week and this week you won't touch them.  Sometimes I would love to know what goes on in your little head.
You have discovered my purses and really like to carry them around.  You don't like to put anything in them, you just take them with you wherever you go.
You are still a little dancing queen and you love books, stickers, lotion and calculators.  You also like to ride things like a horse.....
Your favorite word is still "bow wow", but you also really like to say "bye bye" and "baby".  You amaze us very day and I can't believe that in six short months we will have a 2 year old!


  1. Katrin she is such an angelic looking baby!
    Just precious!

  2. I love reading posts like this. She's such a cutie. Can't wait to get together again.

  3. The food battle can be SO challenging!

  4. Happy half birthday, Hannah! We are struggling with veggies too. I need to start mixing the babyfood in with his food again, just so he gets some! Motts makes a fruit/veggie juice combo that tastes just like regular apple juice that we may try too. Let me know if you find something that works for you!!!