Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

We have had a wonderful and busy weekend.  We hosted the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party on Friday night.  It has been a few years since we have had it at our house.  This used to be a crazy party (including beer pong etc) and this year was pretty calm.  I guess we are all getting we had a bunch of kids running around. 
I was not going to put up any christmas decorations this year since we are not going to be home for christmas and the house is going to be on the market, but Scott "talked" me into it.  I am so glad we put up some decorations.  It just makes the house feel so cozy.  My favorite is this wreath.  I added some mesh and ornaments and it looks like a new wreath (I am pretty proud of my crafty project).
Back to the party.....Of course we had to dress up Hannah as well.  Her outfit was pretty" ugly" (it is a boy's outfit), but it still looked so cute on her.
She was such a trooper and played all night.  She did not want to go to bed, so we let her stay up until 11pm (and she slept in until 9:45am the next morning).

First ugly christmas sweater family picture
The McElroy the plaid pants on the boys!

We had a blast and it was great to see everybody.


  1. Ow fun! And Hannah looks cute no matter what ;)

  2. I love ugly Christmas sweater parties! I hope to host another one next year! You guys always look fabulous...even with sweater vest ;-)