Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Fun

Last week Scott and I took Hannah to take pictures with Santa.  I think we have a great Santa at our mall....  he just looks like Santa.  However, Hannah was still not a fan of Santa.  She had a melt-down when we got close. 
Here is the picture from last year....I think it is pretty funny!
And here is her picture from this year.  Notice that she is not sitting on Santas lap?  She is sitting on my lap and I am hiding behind Santa (he's got some good tricks up his sleeve).
We also took a family picture with Santa (which we were not planning on).....Hannah did not know that he was behind us! 
Here is picture of daddy with Hannah and Santa
Maybe next year she will actually like Santa.
Saturday night we had our christmas dinner with friends.  We always have a great time with everybody.  We have been doing an Italian theme for the last few years, so I think that has become our tradition now.  This year we decided to do white elephant gifts for everybody and instead of doing couples gifts we decided to donate gifts to the local shelter (thank you for that idea Jenny).  Jenny always does a great job decorating her house. 
Here is the dining table.
Hannah in her cute christmas outfit that my friend Rebakah made (she has an etsy site called Audrey's Room).
Jenny shared her nanny with us, so all the kids played downstairs while we were able to enjoy a nice and quiet (somewhat) dinner. 
Here are a few of the white elephant gifts on display!
I ended up with the Superman Snuggie and Scott is the proud new owner of a lava lamp.  Hannah and I leave for Germany tomorrow morning and Scott is going to join us next week.  I better go to bed now to get some rest before the long trip. 


  1. Love the Superman Snuggie! Too funny! Safe travels to you guys!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas! :)

  2. My husband would WANT That superman Snuggie... he's a big dork. May actually have to go find one!

  3. the family pictures with Santa!! Have a wonderful time in Germany with your family!

  4. Love the pictures with santa! So cute! Dave and I are going to bring the boys this weekend! I'm guessing that he is at the food court at the Pinnacle Mall (?)... Love the shots from the party...that snuggie is CLASSIC! Have a safe trip!!!