Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend in Kansas City

We drove up to Kansas City again this weekend for the Chiefs vs Broncos game.  This game has become a tradition with our friends and family and the tailgate gets bigger every year. 

Jenny and Dave brought their new RV.  Thank goodness, because it was freezing cold out.  I spent pretty much all morning in the RV along with the babies and most of the other ladies!

Hannah was so bundled up that she couldn't move at all.  It was really funny.  Jenny took a video of that. Click here to view it.
We had lots of yummy (and very healthy) food.  We had breakfast burritos, cheese dip, hot dogs, cake etc.
Hannah shared a few plates of cheese dip with grandma.

Once it was game time Hannah left with aunt Allison, because it was too cold for her to go into the game.  Thanks again Allison for watching Hannah during the game.
Scott and Ryan
Me, Scott, Irv and Jeannie
Casey and me
I wore a lot of layers of clothes and I was fine for most of the game, but by the 4 th Quarter I was freezing.  We are happy about another Chiefs win (it was a pretty ugly game though)!

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