Thursday, January 20, 2011

Better Late Than Never....

I finally got around to downloading all the pictures from our trip.  I know I am a little late posting christmas pictures, but I still wanted to document our christmas eve.  My brother, Ashley, Scott and I went "kegeln" (German Bowling) during the day. 
The lanes are a little different.  It starts out narrow and then widens.  There are only 9 pins and the balls are a lot smaller and lighter and don't have holes in them.

Volker in action

And the winner was Scott......we took the trophys for first and second place off the shelf and found a tube of mayo as the third place trophy!
I really wish I could have taken my trophy home!
After bowling we headed back home for christmas eve dinner and opening presents.  Hannah really enjoyed opening gifts.
Who knew stickers could be this exciting!
Hannah loves the baby doll she got from Santa.  She has been taking really good care of it.  She changes her diaper, wipes her mouth, puts deodorant on her, gives her nasal drops, bathes her , gives her kisses and puts her to bed.
Looking for more gifts under the tree....
Finally a little ice cream for dessert.....she really deserved it after opening gifts!

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  1. She is so sweet! Glad you all had a great time in Germany--but glad you're back too! Colin can't wait to see his friend again! :)