Saturday, February 5, 2011

20 Months

Dear Hannah,
You are 20 months old now and you are becoming such a big girl.  Last week we went to Chick-Fil-A with Simon and Debbie and for the first time I felt like you are a toddler and not a baby anymore (I know that you haven't been a baby for a long time, but in my head you still were).  You just went after Simon in the playarea and didn't look back.  You did not need my help at all.  You climbed up the steps and then I just saw you come down the slide (you love slides).  You did that about 20 more times.  I am not sure what was so defining about that moment, but it just felt like you don't need me anymore and it made me a little sad.  It is the cutest thing to watch you and Simon play together.
You still don't really like the snow, which is unfortunate, because we have been snowed in all week.  You are a little more comfortable in it now, but it is just not your thing.  You are more of a water baby.  You still love your baby doll and take good care of her.  Everything you do, eat or drink she has to do too.  You really like giving her a bath as well.  You tried to give her your medicine yesterday (you and I have been on antibiotics this week for a double ear infection and sinus infection).  You love to have a dance party in the mornings (or any time of the day).  Your favorite is the 80's music channel.  You are a great dancer and like to spin around, jump up and down, crawl through our legs and just run around wild.  I took you to your first mommy and me dance class last week.  You really enjoyed it.  They even do recitals for the little kids, I am so excited about that. 
You are still a picky eater right now and if I let you I think you would eat pretzel sticks and Nilla wafers for every meal.  You had your first Starbucks drink last week.  You  were mighty proud of your hot chocolate.

You can now walk down the steps by yourself.  You are usually really careful and do a great job, but sometimes you get too excited and want to go down a little too fast.  So far I have been able to catch you every time. 
You have learned a lot of new words.  Most of your words could pass for English or German.  I think it is pretty smart that you just make up your own words that could be either language.  You do understand both languages. 
Your hair has grown quite a bit lately and it gets very tangled up.  You have bed head most of the day, but I have discovered the detangling spray and it works pretty well.

Your favorite song is "Wheels on the bus" right now and you complain really loud if I don't make all of the motions.  You copy every move I make all the time. 
You are perfect the way you are and I hope that you won't change a bit.  You are a really funny girl and I can tell that you are going to be very independent. 
We love you very much!
Mama and Papa


  1. This made me tear up. These babies are growing up too fast!

  2. What a super sweet post! I got a little teary reading it too! What a sweetie...hope to see you guys soon! :)

  3. Simon just loves Hannah. It is so fun to see them play together. I agree- time goes by so quickly!