Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snow and Ice Skating

I am just now getting around to posting snow pictures from last week and now we are already running around in T-Shirts.  The weather has been crazy!!!!
We got more snow in 4 hours than in the last 3 years combined.  This was a big snow storm for our town.

So, with all of this snow we decided to bundle up and go sledding down our hill.  It was a busy place.  People even brought their snowboards :)
Scott going down the hill
Somebody kept driving up and down the hill to pick up all the sledders/snowboarders
Hannah was finally "warming up" to the snow :)  I am so glad she started to play in it.  It made the snow days a lot more pleasant.

Since Hannah finally liked the snow we decided to put her to work and let her shovel the snow!

The snow was really beautiful
We also decided to go ice skating.  Hannah and Scott were supposed to watch, but Hannah really wanted to get on the ice.  They had some of the "walkers" for the little kids, so we used that.  Hannah did not have ice skates on, but her boots worked really well as ice skates.  She loved it and was smiling, giggling and yelling out the entire time.  She did not want to get off the ice and every time I stopped to take a break she said "nochmal" (again in German).  I got a really good workout out of this since I had to bend down the entire time.  Unfortunately our camera did not take very good pictures, so this is the best we got.
This picture is actually from Casey's phone.  It took better pictures than our camera.

I really hope this was the last of the snow for this year.  I am ready for Spring!

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