Thursday, March 3, 2011

21 Months

Dear Hannah,
You are 21 months old and I cannot believe that in 3 short months you will be TWO (time to start planning the big party. Ha!).  You have so much energy and are full of life.  I love seeing and experiencing the world through your eyes.  It is amazing what makes you happy or amuses you.....I wish I could bottle that up.  I wish we could all look at life through the eyes of a toddler......things would be much less complicated.

You started mommy and me dance classes a few weeks ago and you love it.  You try really hard to copy all of the moves, it is really cute.  You are a really sweet girl and are happy most of the times.  Your favorite toys are puzzles, play doh, your play kitchen and your baby.

You always clap for yourself when you get a puzzle piece are actually really good at doing puzzles.
You like to give hugs and kisses (and licking my face for some reason).  I love spending my days with you and I am proud to be your mommy.  I still stare at you a lot of times and cannot believe that you are my daughter.  You are a beautiful little girl with a great personality.
You make me laugh all the time.....I wish I could remember all the things you do that make me laugh.
You still love animals and you talk about "bow wows" and "meows" all the time.  I can already see you standing in front of us with those big blue eyes asking for a puppy.  We will be in trouble!

You have figured out how to blow your own bubbles and you love doing it.  You get really excited for all the bubbles you blow.
You love to be out and about and around other people.  I think maybe you get bored when you are home with me all day :). You learn more words every day and my favorite are the words you make up (a mix between German and English).  I love that only we can understand those words.  Your new thing is to whipser and you think it is really funny.
Your Mom and Dad


  1. Oh WOW! She is too cute for words in her Cowgirl Outfit!

  2. Katrin, this is such a sweet way to keep all of the memories for Hannah to read. So cute!