Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bricktown Weekend

We spent a fun weekend in Oklahoma City.  I had never been and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.  The downtown/Bricktown area is very nice and we enjoyed our visit.  I gave Scott tickets to the Thunder vs Lakers game for christmas, which was this weekend. 
Hannah on the drive down to OKC
We stayed at the Skirvin Hotel by Hilton.  It was a really nice hotel and we were able to walk everywhere, which I really like!
The canals in Bricktown

Do you see that airplane?????
Where did it go?


Ready for the game......

The Lakers stayed at the same hotel we did.  So, we decided to wait in the lobby (with a lot of other people) for them to come down and get on the team bus.  It was kind of exciting!  However, I was not fast enough to get Kobe on camera.  My camera was not on and by the time I got ready he was already gone.
Here you can see his back....ha!
Then we had more camera mishaps, because my battery was going dead and it took forever to take a picture and then it just died.  We were really bummed that we didn't get a lot of good pictures.   We did see all of the big shots though (Kobe, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, Steve Blake etc).
Several of the players had to duck to get out of the elevator. So funny!
Outside of the arena

I was so happy that Hannah kept her ear protectors on the entire was really loud in the arena!
Hannah cheered her little heart out every time somebody made a basket, but by the 4th Quarter she was exhausted and fell asleep!

After the game we headed back to Bricktown and enjoyed dinner out on the patio.
This was Hannah's highlight of the trip......feeding the ducks.  We also took a little carriage ride and Hannah still talks about the "quack quack's" and the "neigh neigh's"

We had a wonderful time in OKC and I look forward to visiting again.

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