Saturday, March 12, 2011

You Make Me Laugh

Dear Hannah,
You are such a funy girl and you make me laugh all the time.  Here are some of my favorite stories from this week.
I was getting your bath ready and you were playing in your room.  I kept hearing you say "night-night" and when I walked out of the bathroom I saw you trying to climb into your baby dolls bed (basket).  It is a little small for you, but you made it work.  So, I ran to get the camera and asked you to do it again.  You still kept saying "night-night".

And finally you put your baby back to bed....
The next day I was putting groceries away when I heard this loud stomping coming from the laundry room.  I turn around the corner and see this.
You walked all the way from the laundry room to the kitchen in my shoes.

I think you were pretty proud of yourself.
You have been saying "Aua" a lot (meaning ouch) when you see somebody fall down etc.  Every time you watch Basketball with daddy and somebody gets fouled or falls down you say "Aua".  A few days ago we were reading Old McDonald and when you saw the below page you said "Aua" and pointed to the pig that is laying on the ground.  That made me laugh.
It is the little things that make me laugh nowadays and it is the little things that I cherish the most and it is the little things that I never want to forget.

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  1. And what I love most about being a stay@home mom is getting to witness these moments! So sweet.