Sunday, March 13, 2011

A WEEKEND WITH MY GIRLS (a guest post by Scott Clubine)

I spent this weekend with the two people who mean the most to me in my life, my wonderful wife Katrin and my beautiful daughter Hannah.  We started the weekend Friday night by going on an official “date night”. We ate some Italian food at Napolis and then all came home and played with Hannah's toys.  On Saturday morning we went for donuts and did a little shopping for my 32nd birthday party which was Sat night. 
                                                              In the Produce Section
My little Helper
After we went shopping for my party, Hannah and I snuck out to do a little shopping of our own.  Hannah and I decided that both “mama” and “Hannah” needed a spring dress.  We went to White House Black Market where we found Katrin the perfect “polka dot” dress for the spring.  We then found Hannah a few dresses at Dillards.  She is such a good girl and picked out her own dresses.
Mama's Dress
Hannahs Dress
 Overall I cannot get over how fast Hannah is growing up.  She is so animated and such a good little girl.  She is very outgoing and very independent.  She is my pride and joy.  Her daddy loves her very very much.
Hannah loves Play Doh
I had a wonderful birthday party with all of our close friends.  Katrin bought me two cakes, an ice cream cake and a Jayhawk cake. We enjoyed the Jayhawk cake as we watched the Kansas Jayhawks thump Texas in the Big XII championship game. 
 Hannah loves when our friends come over as she gets to play with Simon and Anna Beth.  She also gets to spend some time playing with Casey, Kristin, Lisa and Katie. The party was a blast and Hannah stole the show.  She spent the entire night grabbing peoples hands and forcing them to sit down and play with her.  She thought it was a party for her!  
                                                                    Hannah and Simon
                                                                  Hanging with Casey
                                                            Watching Hoops with Matt
Dave Marrs got me a very cool tailgating pack. Katrin got me a smoker and my dad bought some accessories for it.
On Sunday we did our normal Starbucks run and I got myself my own little birthday gift.  I took a sightseeing flight over Northwest Arkansas.  Here are some pictures.
                                                                  Our current house

                                 The house we are building (but probably selling downtown)

                   Our lake lot and dock that we will sometime soon build a lake house on.

                                                            Jenny and Daves house
Crystal Bridges

Overall I want to say how proud I am of my daughter and how happy I am to have such a wonderful family.  I will never forget these times and love to have weekends like this.  It’s the absolute best.

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